ANDER MENS – A thrilling Leap down the Rabbit hole of Dark Humour

By AK Ahmed


The venue was mesmerizing! From forensic detectives and police women running an open investigation before one’s eyes to delectable au d’oeuvres and beautiful people draped in their finest attire, Cedar Square Shopping became the perfect backdrop for a spectacular premiere of ‘Ander Mens’.

The highly anticipated film had everyone adequately in suspense. With an impressive turnout of celebrities, fans, production crew, executive producers and the actors from the film, the entire event was executed seamlessly.

Quentin Krog’s crime comedy realistically depicts the journey of a ‘milk toast man’ and how his day to day routine is thrown into chaos after a marital issue disrupts his mediocre life. Based on the book by critically acclaimed author Zirk van den Berg, the story follows Daniel Niemand and his plunge into a world of disorder which baffles him at every turn. Bennie Fourie effortlessly plays the apologetic accountant with a charming awkwardness that can’t help but make the viewer root for him.

As his last name might imply, Daniel Niemand is a mild mannered nobody who is inclined to let life stomp on him until an unexpected brush with crime forces him to acclimatize to the hard life, all the while maintaining his self-deprecating yet, endearing character.

Krog’s humour is personified by Martin McDonagh. With biting Afrikaans quips, creating the kind of cinematic atmosphere where the viewer can be in the throes of hearty laughter even in the midst of guns and carnage. This balance of laughter and chaos is skillfully maintained by the remarkable cast.

James Borthwick brings the persona of a ‘by-the-book’ cop with a rekindled longstanding grudge against a gang leader portrayed with the brand of gravitas only Frank Opperman can authentically pull off. Marlee van der Merwe brings to life Lieutenant Erica Kruger- a stoic and yet quietly humane witness protection agent with a clear moral compass and a penchant for righteous action. Her performance ripples with the kind of nuance and strength worthy of a first class female lead.

All in all, Krog’s carefully curated dialogue, wit and hilarity completely shatter any preconceived perception that language or cultural barriers would be a thing.This movie is for the South African. Ander Mens will amuse both English and Afrikaans speaking people for certain.

SA Music News and Entertainment Magazine would like to thank Gisela, the team from Starburst Promotions, Marche Media and everyone who welcomed us so warmly. Quentin Krog has yet again created a work of art together with an amazing cast.

Last but not least, thank you to the Open Window Institute for supplying the talent of the police officers and forensic detectives. I was fully cooperative when being questioned. 😜

Photography: Shukri Hassan

Ander Mens will hit theatres on the 23st August 2019.

Review: By AK Ahmed

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