‘Athaza’ by Chris Prophet – Album review

By: AK Ahmed

Artist: Chris Prophet Title: Athaza
Format: Digital. Release Date: 8th March 2019
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal
Distributor: Tunecore
Publicist: Plug Music Agency

Track Listing:
1. Horizon
2. Drifting Away
3. Ascension
4. Star Gaze
5. Cold
6. Pharaoh
7. Beyond Blue
8. Sandstorm
9. Devil’s Playground

‘Athaza’ – by Chris Prophet

I was completely taken aback by the work that Chris Prophet has achieved on a debut album. The spectrum for metal music, usually overly excited or somewhat nonsensical, however, with ‘Athaza’, I was surprisingly submerged into an instrumental journey, where semantics were not needed to grasp the essence of each track.

In my professional opinion, the work Chris has infused into his craftsmanship is a testimonial to his sublime track production.  It’s hard to believe this guy is self taught!

Beyond Blue, which has a more chilled alternative vibe is my absolute favourite, together with the dramatic force of ‘ Star Gaze’, his first single off the album. This duo alone will carry you to your happy place as you get lost with every chord.

Quoting Lauryn Hill “Strumming my pain with his fingers” – the album drips with emotion, giving the listener a front seat to something profoundly personal.

Nine years in the making- 9 phenomenal tracks, I ask myself – how is it possible for one man to seamlessly control his instrument with such dexterity?  Each track bringing forth a new layer to this compilation and to the musician himself.  I can surely describe Chris Prophet as one of the best progressive metal guitarists in the country. With heavy metal there is a spectrum that very few artists can flow between or expand upon. Chris Prophet has made it evident that he is certainly a breaker of musical limitations.

‘Athaza’ showcases the dexterity of Chris’s range, drive and passion effortlessly.

I don’t do tarot, but certainly prophesize, Chris Prophet’s ‘Athaza’ will certainly get the attention of those who appreciate the genre, and justifiably so.

Athaza’ is dedicated to Chris’s friend who passed away unexpectedly in 2016.

‘Athaza’ is availabe right now on all major digital platforms:


Reviewed by :  AK Ahmed (SA Music news Magazine)

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