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Bouncing your way today, Crimson House’s New album “Bounceology”

Gypsy Jungle music

“In the midst of a haze of music festivals around Southern Africa, a sound was born from the dust and the mud of boots stomped from dusk until dawn, fuelled by souls set alight, released into the wild-eyed dream of a moment unlike any that came before it. Inspired by the people, the chants, the community, the journey, and the joy of coming together in song and becoming closer to your fellow human more than ever before.

Bounceology is the manifestation of a group of friends, so motivated to be the catalyst of human connection, to create the songs, the rhythms and the stories that can unite people, to remind us all why we are so much the same. This group of friends who couldn’t be more different from each other, created music together that has its own combined identity greater than the sum of all its parts, the spirit of togetherness.

Crimson House wrote their latest album “Bounceology” while on permanent tour around South Africa, inspired directly from South African musical acts surrounding the ever-burgeoning music festival scene. The band recorded the album with Antonio Cencherli of V-Lab productions at SoundCast studios in Cape town, it was mastered by Simon “Fuzzy” Ratcliffe of Sound & Motion studios.

Songwriter and front man Riaan Smit collaborated with incredible musical artists such as violin virtuoso and songwriter Luca Hart, long-time collaborator Ann Jangle, Queen of African fusion Nhoza, and Phantom of the Opera New York Broadway star Robin Botha. The band enlisted Zulu African Jazz legend Tebogo Mokoena to arrange the brass sections on the majority of the songs, bringing an epic flavor of South African roots to the album. The Title “Bounceology” was conceived by master Jazz artist Gareth Harvey, the album art was hand illustrated by Elio Moavero.”

Crimson House are:

Riaan Smit- Vocal/Guitar/ Harmonica
Tim Welsch–Alto Sax
Gareth Harvey- Baritone Sax
Arno Van Zyl- Guitar, Banjo
Christoph De Chanvonnes Vrugt – Drums
Andre Van De Merve – Bass

Released under the genre of Gypsy Rock, the album insinuates freedom, above all, and the encouragement to dream your dreams ardently!

Track Listing
Without a doubt ‘Unicorns’ is certainly my favourite track on the album. Of course , they had me at Unicorns, but the upbeat tempo and catchy chorus has a distinct B52’s meets Madness sound which just works beautifully with the carefree message of this funky little tune.
Flaunting a pacey reggae beat Bantu bird tells the story of an African woman leaving her village most likely to the disapproval of her people seeking a better future and something deeper and more meaningful than what she has experienced.
Turning it down a notch Wild and free is that perfect ‘chill’ track, if you dig Bob Marley & The wailers or Rodriguez , this is your jam. Carefree and lackadaisical…..
Carmen comes at you with a whole new vibe, with cheeky lyrics and playful beat, the smooth female vocals break and compliment the ruggered tones of her male counterpart , surprising and plunging the listener into an exquisite operatic solo making this one phenomenal and memorable display of the dynamic range the band are capable of.
Pot of Gold transports the listener to the wild wild west, Drifty with a country feel, easy listening to go down perfectly with that shot of bourbon.
With the excitement and tempo of an African american church choir meets James Brown, this is such a funky track to get your groove on to.
Another complete 360 in sound, flaunting Crimson House’s incredible diversity, Mama land takes you back to Africa, African sunsets and the love and celebration of our motherland. A get up and dance song for sure.
Another fun and energetic, yet sexier side to Crimson house , encouraging you to grab your partner and shake those hips , and you will!
Husky vocals, heartfelt lyrics and an emotional rawness portrays Free to dream as a bittersweet lament to the one who got away…..
Medicine comes at you subtly introducing the perfect accompaniment of female croons, breaking into a semi alternative vibe and progressing to a heavier chorus , which yay….opens the window of opportunity to headbang if that’s your thing ! Super cool track!
Another jazzed up, husky ‘blues’ inclined musical arrangement that’s bound to get you foot tapping  whether you want it or not!
This track is BOUNCEOLOGY in a nutshell. No lyrics required,this song says BOUNCE baby!
Overall this is one incredible offering from Crimson House, epitomizing the phenomenal diversity of this group of artists. We highly recommend BOUNCEOLOGY and we suggest you catch them on their ‘BOUNCEOLOGY’ tour in a city near YOU!
BOUNCEOLOGY launch Tour dates:
30 August – Woodcrock, Nelspruit
31 August – Radium Beer Hall, JHB
5 Sept – Lagom Café, Lynwood
6 Sept – Railways Café, Centurion
13 Sept – German Beer Festival, PTA
15 Sept – Media launch: JARR Bar, PTA
20 Sept – Official Gauteng Album Launch Party: Rumours, JHB
21 Sept – Official Cape Town Album Launch Party: Mercury
27 Sept – White Mountain Festival, KZN
5 Oct – Bosrock, Nelspruit*
6 Oct – Park Acoustics, PTA*
11 Oct – Barrel & Blues, Swellendam
12 Oct – at the courtyard, McGregor
13 Oct – Hillcrest Quarry, Durbanville
18 Oct – The C Club, EL
19 Oct – Music Kitchen, PE
20 Oct – Blend, Knysna
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