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Mark Stent – AKA BenchPress

Featured Artist – Mark Stent

So we have been horribly negligent with our Featured artist of late and I do apologise profusely, what with the festive season and the struggles of adapting to human life again I’m sure you feel my pain.  January took three years to survive, and lookit, we made it!

On the subject of people and making it, I’m delighted to introduce our February Featured Artist of the month, someone who generally needs no introduction,

the Super Hottie (did you see him though!) South African Techno Producer Mark Stent, AKA Bench Press.

We were able to get a closer peek at the lad this past December down in Durb’s for the BPA/Tone artistry #Zulu Launch at Origin Nightclub and are pleased to report back that he is  actually as brilliant as the rumour goes.

Mark has done nothing but rise since his early days of Azzuri Lounge , Black Fly and Sutra fame, in fact there isn’t a venue on the map worth mentioning that hasn’t had Mark burning up their decks. A regular name on 5FM, headliner past and present at Stones, Tempos, Truth, Ultra, H20, Movida, Club MVG and more, Mark’s brilliant talent and go for gold ambition has earned him yet another remarkable achievement. Recently signed under the management of BPA (Blue Print Artists) UK , Mark has bagged himself a European tour including an international record deal!


Performing under his new label, “Bench Press”, Mark continues to own the decks and dance floors with his raw contagious energy, pumping your adrenalin and working you like a drill sergeant on a mission to push you to the max.

With a newly released album to boast , “ The Iron Church”, he has certainly become the most sought after DJ/Producer in the industry.

It would be in your best interest to follow this ever rising force of Techno, as he takes us to new levels of sound creation, inspiration and international recognition!

Check out The Iron Church below. Produced by Bench Press

The Iron Church – Track Listing

Sonic Siren Original Mix

Katherine Original Mix

None To Colour Original Mix

Kitty Kat Original Mix

Updown Original Mix

Karma Original Mix

Lactic Acid Original Mix

The Sequence Original Mix

Project Hospital Original Mix

Creatine Original Mix

The Masquerade Original Mix

Catch Mark at Adrenaline Cafe 4th March 2018 at Adrenaline Cafe & TEMPOS 10th Reunion Party on 1st April 2018

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