Free cancer testing to be rolled out in KZN during October via Sibaya Community Trust

A new partnership between Daughters of Africa and Sibaya Community Trust will see the rollout of cancer screening in various areas of KZN including KwaMashu, Stanger, Phoenix and Tongaat.

The programme undertaken by Daughters of Africa will include:

  • Breast examination to exclude any signs of cancer such as the presence of lumps on the breast as well as teaching patients on self-Breast examination.
  • Cervical /Pap smears and specimens will be sent to the nearest labs for testing. Patients’ results are sent to the nearest clinics.
  • Prostate examinations are done on male patients to exclude signs of prostate cancer. Patients are also taught to do self-examinations so that they can detect abnormalities and source treatment soon.  Blood specimens for PSA (Prostate Antigen Analysis) are taken to detect presence of prostate carcinoma. Blood specimens are also sent to lab for testing and results forwarded to the patient or nearest clinics.

Sibaya Community Trust Chairman Vivian Reddy said they were reaching out to the community on a large scale for the month of October 2019.

“We put funds into this project to allow large volumes of people to be tested and we have included blood testing for prostate cancer absolutely FREE of charge. For decades we have been told that cancer can be beaten, yet often we feel this is not the case. Almost every single one of us knows of someone who has been afflicted with cancer. This is definitely a huge problem across race, colour and creed. We are reaching out to the poorest of the poor,” he said.

Added to the lack of early detection are social factors such as:

  • Lack of accessibility to health care centers or screening sites, both within rural and non-urban
  • Lack of resources within the public sector to support screening and testing services, including a shortage of adequately trained and qualified staff and sufficient numbers of staff to provide the service.
  • Cultural beliefs and stigma associated with cancer.
  • Low literacy rates and a lack of education.
  • A poor economic climate contributing to poverty.

The World Health Organization stresses the importance of a national cancer control programme including screening and education to deepen the impact of early detection and the introduction of life saving treatments early.

Sibaya GM, Myan Moodley welcomed the effort.

He confirmed they were offering free screening to Sibaya’s staff on 17 October and challenged other corporates to do the same.

For enquires, contact Sibaya Trust Fund CSI Manager, Jane Pillay on 083 3591700 or email her at jane.pillay@suninternational.com

For more information visit www.suninternational.com

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