GrandWest supports physical literacy programmes for Cape Town’s children

The GrandWest Socio Economic Development team is donating R84 000 towards a project called Physical Literacy for Children (PLC). The support will enable them to deliver physical literacy programmes to underprivileged and special needs children at primary and pre-primary levels around Cape Town.

PLC, in collaboration with The Kids Gym, aims to improve the lives of children through improving their physical literacy. The project has been running for the past 18 months and has had a considerable positive impact on the lives of the children.

The children are learners at the Molenbeeck Special Needs School in Maitland, the Astra School for Physically Disabled in Montana and the Perpetua House Special Needs School in Monte Vista. The project takes place at the Kids Gym, where these learners attend weekly sessions.

“Physical literacy is a critical pillar of every child’s development, and it is so often neglected,” says Genevieve Smith, Sustainability Manager at GrandWest. “This can significantly affect a child’s capacity for learning.”

GrandWest also handed over a handy bag filled with stationery to each of the learners taking part in the PLC’s projects.

“We are delighted to be in a position to contribute to this excellent programme,” says Smith.

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