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Win a stunning Punked Neon Hair dye Hamper – Closed


Win an awesome Punked Hair dye Starter Bundle

1x 125 ml Bleach

1x 250ml vol

1x 125ml punked pigment – any colour off the colour chart

1x 1L activator

1x 250 ml Punked Shampoo

1x 250 ml Punked conditioner

1x 125ml Sunday Mask


DJ Carly O with her signature Punked Neon Hair Dye in Light Pink


Punked Neon Hair Dye & Contact Lenses are your “go to” for the most amazing hair dye products available in South Africa. After using Punked you will fool your friends that you just had a treatment – it’s just that good…

Tested on humans NOT animals

Be whatever you want to be


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