8 Things You Never Knew About TV & Radio Personality Mmasea PeTje

South African television and radio personality Mmasea PeTje has fast become one of the country’s brightest stars. With a successful career that has seen her shine on radio stations such as Jacaranda FM and 947, as well as hosting the long-running SABC environmental and conservation show 50/50, she is certainly no stranger to the South African entertainment industry.

Recently, she joined Ignition TV’s popular series Garage Gold as host which sees Mmasea taking viewers on a thrilling ride as she gives viewers an inside look at some of the country’s exceptional and vintage cars.

Now, Mmasea opens up and shares some tidbits about herself which many may not know about her.

1) A Star-Studded Dinner
Mmasea admits that if she could host a dinner party and invite three famous guests, she’d love to host Tracey Ellis Ross, Prince and Barack and Michelle Obama. “The conversations we could have would be endless,” she says.

2) Mmasea Had Major Career Aspirations Growing Up
“I definitely went through a few stages when it came to deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up as a child,” Mmasea explains. “I wanted to do everything from being a hairdresser to a teacher and prima ballerina.” But, Mmasea explains that the creative and entertainment bug stuck with her from a young age. “I’ve always wanted to entertain. Apart from that, when I was about 16 years old I said I want to be the CEO of some major corporation or empire. I’m still working on that.”

3) Mmasea Has Big Dreams
While she’s already hosted a stint of radio shows on multiple stations and a variety of television shows, Mmasea believes that she hasn’t hit her prime just yet. “I think we hit different milestones at different points in our lives so I feel like there is this never end quest to meet the next one,” Mmasea explains adding “If I’m honest I don’t think I’ve achieved my biggest thing just yet. I am working on it though.”

4) Mmasea Would Love To Voice A Video Game
As a gaming junkie, Mmasea has always wanted to hear her voice in a video game. “To be the voice of any computer game would be epic. Knowing that every time someone picks that specific avatar or character that I get to guide them on this weird little adventure,” she says. “I would literally get involved in any game. That would be epic!”

5) Mmasea’s First April Fools Was One For The Books
April Fools is a day we all dread. The world seems to be out to play tricks on one another and when she was eight years old, Mmasea’s parents tricked her to believe that Nelson Mandela would be driving past their house.

“My brother was still a toddler and my mom called the house phone to let us know that Nelson Mandela would be driving past the house that we lived in in Hurlingham and I remember myself, barefoot with my nanny and brother running out to the street in the hopes of the great Tata Madiba,” Mmasea reminisces.

“We stood on the side of the road for easily three hours. Eventually, we went back to the house thinking we missed it all. When she got home, my mom told us it was a joke. That was the first time I experienced April Fools and every single year since that day, April Fools has become one of the most important dates on my calendar.”

6) The UAE Has Left A Massive Impression On Mmasea
Mmasea loves to travel but, admittedly, there are still many places on her bucket list she is yet to tick off. However, the United Arab Emirates has left a lasting impression on her. There is so much contrast within Dubai and Abu Dhabi,” she explains.

“I love the opulence of everything around you as you make your way to certain areas and places and then ten minutes later, you’re in the heart of the Golden Souk negotiating for prices on unique things you can only find there. I love that one minute you can be snowboarding in a mall and the same evening you’re dune bashing in the dessert. It’s just jam packed with a lot of my favourite things.”

7) Cooking Is Not Mmasea’s Forte
While Mmasea is clearly a talented individual, cooking is an area she believes she can improve on. I truly believe that when it comes to my cooking, one must always remember that we eat not for taste or how edible anything is but for sustenance,” Mmasea jokes.

“My go-to meal would be a chicken breast, a cup of veggies and maybe some plain yoghurt. It’s the worst. My brother was a big fan of my signature garlic mash – which happened by accident. I do make a decent breakfast though. I can give you a 3-course breakfast and you will love it from start to finish.”

8) Mmasea’s Dream Closet Would Sing Its Own Tune
Mmasea has never been one to follow trends so if she could create her dream closet, it would be something unique in itself. “I love clothes and fashion and I am not much of a follow-the-trend kind of girl so my dream closet would be something really different. I do see lots of nudes, whites, greys and blacks. Honestly, I am not a big fan of colour – maybe a little dusty pink but that’s it.”

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Source: El Broide, The Platinum Club

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