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SINE ‘The Goddess’ drops innovative and alluring video for her latest track, ‘Numb’

Born under African skies as Sinenhlanhla Hlatshwayo, 22 year old multi-talented South African singer and record producer known as SINE (The Goddess) has just dropped her latest visual accompaniment for her latest track ‘Numb’.

Raised in Soweto, SINE moved to the City of Johannesburg to begin her music career.

Her debut EP, ‘Who am I’, was released in 2017 with two music videos to follow for the tracks “Isolation” and “Rebellion” which premiered on Channel O and TraceAfrica.

SINE released her latest single “Numb” in the beginning of this year and is currently working on her 2nd EP release.

Download/Stream ‘Numb’ HERE

See the beautifully scenic, yet thought provoking video for Numb below

Before the lockdown we (myself & the blackmagician studios) had this perfect idea for the music video BUT when the government announced the national lockdown a lot of our plans got ruined and we couldn’t shoot at some of the locations we had chosen, so we broke a few rules for this view…We had to!” exclaims SINE.

We didn’t moan much about it but instead gathered what we could and decided to shoot the whole thing in studio quarantine style and we are really proud of the final results! We got to be challenged creatively because of the limitations of the national lockdown” she adds.

The video was produced by The Blackmagician, and Directed & Edited by Owethu Njotina.

Art Direction & Styling was overseen by SINE & Shot by Babili Maseko.

SINE is the epitome of art personified. With her outrageously daring and eclectic style, Abstract and colourful, she can never be accused of being boring…

SINE, true to her artistic nature and doing what Goddesses do best, intends to spend every moment of her life CREATING – from Jewelry making, to clothes designing, modelling, photography, and music production, she is bursting at the seams with stuff, and eager to let it flow!

Here’s what SINE had to say to us:

Q: Were you always destined to find music as a career? How did it all start for you?

Yes! From a very young age I’ve always been interested in becoming a musician, I used to love singing along to my favorite songs in the bathroom with my headsets on simply because I liked the way it echoed lol! But besides all that I realized that being a musician was my destiny when my journey in this life always led me to people who wanted to help me make a career out it and as much as I wasn’t very vocal about how I wanted to become a musician, people always thought singing was my strongest point.

Q: You released your first EP ‘Who am I’ in 2017, were all the tracks written by yourself and was ‘Isolation’ more than just a song?

Yes, all the tracks were written by me. Isolation was more than just a song, When I wrote that song I was going through PPD (Post partum depression), I was just mad at everyone and everything!

As a new mom people always wanted to tell me how to raise my baby and how I should act now that I’m a mom. Most of the time I’d get irritated by all the advice and comments so much that I wished I could just disappear into a space where there’d be nobody to tell me anything about anything, a place where I could be myself fully without any interruptions.

Some parts of the song were inspired by me being stuck in town during the December holidays around people who were just ready to suck the good energy out of you with their comments and actions instead of being in Swaziland with nature and people with good intentions.

Q: Were you always a creative and eccentric dresser?

Yes, lol, I really enjoy playing around with clothes.

Q:  If I ask you, who is SINE, how would you describe yourself?

I’m a young Afrocentric girl who believes that art heals both the creator and the receiver.

Q: Who are your greatest music inspirations both locally and internationally?

Simphiwe Dana, Lebo Mathosa, Nicki Minaj & FKA Twigs.

Q: Are you particularly passionate or vocal about any causes that are effecting our country at the moment?

The video for Numb seems to have come at a time where our country is in crisis and a war against women seems to be raging. Many women will relate to ‘Numb’,  the video showing a women trapped , controlled and chained, broken and in despair. Can you tell us the story in your own words and what you were portraying through the visuals?

With “NUMB” I was actually showing how the youth self medicates with alcohol and drugs to deal with their problems so much to a point where they don’t know when to stop.  I know people who have lost their friends and siblings to drugs and alcohol. I used to have bad fights with my mom because of it too.

I was young and I was dealing with stuff that I couldn’t talk to my mom about so instead of talking I’d self medicate until I was numb to the pain I was feeling. Then, I’d attempt to do stupid things that would make me end up in hospital or a mental institution.

Being in those places made me realize how I wasn’t the only one with those mental issues there were many more, the worst part was that we were all young! But did that make me stop?

Not really but I did stop losing my mind every time I got too drunk or high, that’s why I mentioned how we all know that alcohol kills but that never stops us from drinking it. Same thing with cigarettes, but one thing I noticed during the lockdown is that people were concerned about losing alcohol and cigarettes more than anything else.

Before the government closed down alcohol all the bottle stores had super long queues and most people used their last cents to stock pile it! That just showed me how addicted we are to it, let us not forget how alcohol also contributes to gender based violence and how it has broken a lot of homes.

I personally think that alcohol and drugs contribute to a lot of the daily incidents we see.

Q: You are currently busy with your second EP? How is that going and when can we expect it to drop?

Yes, I’m working on my 2nd EP and to be honest with you, I’m not so sure about the release dates yet.

Q: A question for the fans….are you single / engaged or married?

I am in a relationship.

Q: If you were able to do a collab with any musician in South Africa who would you want it to be?

Simphiwe Dana definitely!

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