Pirates of Radio release the video for anthemic new single ‘GLOW’

Intercontinental alternative rock ensemble Pirates of Radio release the video for their latest single GLOW today.

What makes this project unique is that the band have created their own sound while living in different parts of the world.

These guys have never been in a room together during the writing and recording processes, collaborating via WhatsApp and the cloud. They write and record all the music in their own remote studio setups – a riff or melody is shared, a beat added, a bass riff tested, and lyrics written. Pirates repeat this process until birth is given to a new creation.

No creative limits or boundaries are set. That said, a common style and energy is emerging, progressive rock with definite anthemic pop sensibilities.

The lineup conists of:

  • Ramon Rabie – writes the lyrics and lives Thailand
  • Gideon Kretschmer – lives in Frankfurt and is on vocals and guitar, mixing and production.
  • Vernon van Wyk – lives in Dubai and plays guitars.
  • Shaun Lyon – on bass, from the UK but living in Dubai.
  • Francious Kruger – On the drums, living in South Africa.

Watch the video below

GLOW is a song about being stuck in bad situations and not being able/not being offered the opportunity to get out. What started out as a beat and a melody and words about poverty, morphed into a rock anthem about just that; be it not being able to see your kids for months due to COVID-19, walking miles (and losing loved ones on the way) to get home because you’ve been retrenched from some shitty factory, being stuck in shitty job, losing your shitty job, loneliness, depression, being an addict…”  comments lyricist Ramon Rabie.

The video which was shot and edited collaboratively by the band and creative friends between Dubai and Germany, is an artistic expression of this core message, visualizing the friction between intense and calming sensations.

It’s about the fact that you are intimately connected to your living space, friends & loved ones even when times are tough and you’re far away mentally or physically.” Adds guitarist Vernon van Wyk.

GLOW is available now on all digital platforms via HopePunk Records HERE 

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