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Seasoned musician releases moving new single ‘My vrou’

Christiaan Baartman, the talented singer-songwriter with the gravelly voice, has just released a moving new single.

My Vrou looks at the wedding day from a man’s perspective.

Written by Christiaan and Jattie de Beer, the adult contemporary track tells the story of a husband’s declaration of love for his wife. “People so easily lose track of the true meaning of a wedding amid the drama and busyness of getting everything done,” Christiaan explains.

“Often, the man takes a step back and just helps where he can. But it is an important day for him too; he gives up his life to become one with his wife.”

According to the artist, the song speaks for those who may have difficulty expressing their feelings and serves as a mouthpiece for men who may be struggling to share what is in their hearts.

“Everything I do has a deeper meaning – sometimes it is a whisper, and other times I shout it from the rooftops. This song is one of the latter,” says Christiaan.

“The divorce rate in South Africa is more than 50%. It is vital that men, or rather that anyone who decides to get married, take responsibility. They must pour their all into their marriage.”

Christiaan has been involved in the music industry for around two decades and released his first album in 2008 at the age of nineteen.

In 2009 he received a Huisgenoot Tempo Award for Songwriter of the Year and since then he has written 12 number one singles of which seven was included on his second album Huppel In My Stap(2012). This versatile artist also landed himself a Ghoema Award in 2016.

He also performed alongside Johnny Late as the Bearded Man Band. “My mom was a music teacher and I grew up next to the piano. As such, I could harmonise before I could talk. Music has been my passion from a very young age. It is my life,” he says.

For inspiration, Christiaan looks at life. “Life’s journey offers up so many songs. It is our job as songwriters to put these songs to paper,” he says. He admires artists such as Coenie de Villiers, Christa Steyn, Joshua na die Reën and Douvoordag.

“I would one day love to work with Appel and Jo Black. I think we speak the same language.”

To ensure that he stays relevant and on track with the latest trends in music, the talented singer travels often. A place that has become like a second home to him is Nashville.

“I love Nashville. I try to go there once a year to visit and learn and grow. This year’s trip was unfortunately cut short, but I hope and believe that I will have another opportunity to go.”

The industry has taught this seasoned musician to never give up. “Life happens in cycles and before you know it, it will be your time again,” he says.

He also doesn’t shy away from a challenge. “While music is my passion, I am currently studying counselling – something I have been passionate about since my teenage years. I suffer from dyslexia and ADHD and, as a child, it was said that I would never be able to properly read or write. Yet, I am currently completing my seventh diploma.”

Some of his career highlights include producing a children’s album in collaboration with SAMA-winner, Leon Jonkman; progressing to the final rounds of Idols SA in 2006; opening for Smokie in 2012; performing at Huisgenoot Skouspel in 2007 as well as multiple casino performances in Gauteng.

“Also, during lockdown I did a live Facebook stream every night. This opened me up to the world of video, which has inspired me to not only start a chat programme with my friend Leon Gropp, but also to master video editing.”

The talented artist believes in making music with meaning. “For me, music is beautiful and comes in all shapes and sizes, just like people. Any beautiful melody or lyric pulls me in.”

My Vrou is available for download HERE


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