We chat with Sincerely Anne about her new power song ‘She’s on Fire’ released yesterday

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few of our questions on your new track ‘She’s on Fire’.

We love the track and definitely foresee it being the next ‘Girl power’ anthem amongst the women of South Africa especially! It’s one of those ‘right on time’ kind of songs!

Q) Anne, from ‘Poison’ to ‘She’s on fire’ we see a complete 360° in your music, which clearly boasts your versatility. Which of these two Anne’s do you resonate with and feel more connected to? The intense, soulful haunting Anne or the bubbly upbeat Anne?

Thank-you for the thought-provoking question. I ‘d like to say both – it’s part of the human condition to have different feelings and opposing moods or thoughts. Sure, my previous song Poison is based on a situation I went through in the past, but it’s still a part of me. However, where I am in my human journey, I am more the She’s on Fire Anne when it comes to my usual/average state of being.

Q) Would you say ‘She’s on fire’ is as much a message for girls hating on each other, (especially on social media and school bullying) as it is a celebration of women uplifting each other?

Definitely. The song does not deny that there are negative patterns or responses we may have to one another, and also also self-depreciating and damaging actions, for example where I say “comparison is the thief of joy”. However, the take-home message for me is still in the chorus where I want the focus to be on the positive.

Q) In the lyrics you openly challenge women by saying “, I’ll see you and I raise you”, what was your message to them there?

It is to challenge you to raise your expectation of what you can do and how much you share your fire with others.  I then also end that line by saying that “I raise you above the waves” , adding another meaning, where if I see that you are struggling, I will be there for you and support/uplift you. The “I” personifies the woman on Fire, or even the collective sisterhood.

Q) Where do you write? Do you have a special place you go to for quiet or inspiration or do you find yourself scribbling on paper napkins at any given time?

There is no particular place where I write, I’m more of a napkin writer, but using a notebook or cellphone note-app. I often come up with lyrics or song ideas while I’m driving, but then I’ll take voice recordings down of my ideas, or when I stop I’ll write it all down. Other times I’ll sit at a coffee shop and write – I probably look a bit weird, tapping tempo’s out and mouthing words with my earphones in! But when an idea comes, I immediately welcome it and give it a place to rest until I can get back to it later.

Q) Will we be seeing a video release from you in the near future for ‘She’s on fire’?

I’d love to, perhaps a lyric video if I can scrape together something for that, but I’m busy working on an elaborate music video release for my next single – so keep an eye out 🙂

Q) You have performed with some pretty big names in the industry: Ard Matthew, Amanda Strydom, Joshua na die Reen to name a few. Which of these past experiences have been the most memorable to you?

Definitely when I was playing in the Persreen porduction at Aardklop where I had the privilege of accompanying the likes of Jan Blohm and Amanda Strydom. It was the biggest production I played in and all the arrangements were so beautifully done, nevermind sharing the stage with such legends!

Q) You began your singing career in a band. Can you tell us who the band were and if they are still going?

The band was Faz and the Firecrackers – I primarily sang backing vocals, played violin, keys, ukulele, and percussion (on occasion) in the band. Sadly the band disbanded a few months later. They really had something going, so it was sad to see them stop the magic.

Q) How has the adjustment and transition been for you growing up on a farm as a home – schooled country girl to the hustle of Big City life? Do you have pet hates on city life?

That’s an excellent question, not many people realise what a transition it can be. I think what helped a lot with transitioning was going to a small school from gr 9 onwards and then going to a massive varsity and fending for myself there. I lived in town in the south of JHB for about 2 years with my husband when we decided to move to a small holding slightly further from the bustle, so that’s how I cope these days, I have my peaceful escape from the city as our home, but then close enough to be where all the things happen. My biggest pet peeve of the city is the way people drive, especially when some of the robots are out due to loadshedding!

Q) We have heard that not only do you sing and write, but you are a well accomplished violinist, having performed in orchestras! Will we be fortunate enough to see you introducing the violin to future tracks you release?

Thank-you! Yes, my violin and a few other string instruments will be featuring in the next single most likely, and on quite a few tracks on the full album. In fact, for one of the songs I took a violin underwater – you’ll have to wait and see!

Q) Who would your dream collaboration be with?

There are just waaay too many dream-collabs to sift through – my ideal ones are always changing!
My unrealistic international dream-collab would be with my favourite band MUSE and my unrealistic local dream-collab would be with the legendary Karen Zoid perhaps.

Q) Do you have plans to tour at any stage and are you currently performing anywhere?

I am planning to tour my full album once it has been released. And I post all my future shows on my social media pages as they pop up, so you’d be able to see it there.

Q) When can we expect the now highly anticipated Sincerely Anne debut album?

At the end of this year if all goes according to plan!

Thanks so much for your time!

Thank you for chatting to me!

‘She’s on Fire’ is available on all digital platforms HERE

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