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Afro-Pop artist Minzo draws inspiration from the City of Jozi for new single “Ziyabuya Egoli”

Born and raised in Kwazulu-Natal, Afro-Pop artist, Minzo has just released his new single, “Ziyabuya Egoli” which is rich in inspiration from the fast-paced life that Johannesburg has to offer. Coming from the small town of Paulpitersburg, Minzo is no stranger to the music industry and has been working at his craft since the age of seventeen.

Listen to “Ziyabuya Egoli” below

“Ambitious”, “dedicated” and considered to be the ‘dreamer’, Minzo aims to motivate people through his music and he explains that, “Life in the city is extremely difficult and most of the time it is about chasing money.

There are very few job opportunities so I believe very much in the need to continue to hustle in order to take care of yourself,”. “Ziyabuya Egoli” highlights the ups and downs of life in Johannesburg and that no matter where you find yourself, there will always be a constant battle between the two but in the end, it is about what you make of all these life experiences.

“I see all these people coming up to Johannesburg to try and make a better life for themselves. It’s not always easy to leave your family and relocate but it is often necessary. These people work incredibly hard and they kepe going no matter how tough it gets sometimes,”.

A song that musically takes you into a ‘feel-good’ trance, “Ziyabuya Egoli” can easily be listened to on repeat. A single that is deeply rooted in the musical landscape of Africa, it is no surprise to find that some of his musical influences are great artists such as the late Mtshengiseni, SAMA award-winning artist, Khuzani and Sjava to name a few.


Born as Minenhle Langalakhe Kunene and raised by a single mother in Kwazulu-Natal, Minzo has now made his way to Johannesburg to pursue a career in music full-time. When it comes to writing his music, Minzo prefers an unconventional approach and avoids physically sitting and writing down his thoughts.

He prefers to be given a mic and let the magic happen from there. When asked what he finds to be the biggest challenge in the music industry so far, he said that “I would probably have to say that the lack of resources when you don’t have a team behind makes it quite difficult to truly do what you want to do.

Being an independent artist has its challenges but you have to keep reminding yourself that when you get to do what you love on the daily, it makes it all worth it, ” The big dream for Minzo would be to land himself a record deal in the near future to take him to the next level of his career.

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