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Arno Carstens announces his forthcoming singles “Midnight Screams” and “Erupt”

Arno Carstens announces his forthcoming singles “Midnight Screams” and “Erupt” with both singles available on pre-save & pre-order now!

South African singer-songwriter, Arno Carstens announces two new singles, “Midnight Screams” and “Erupt” due for release on Friday, 27 March. Fans can pre-save and pre-order both singles now HERE

The singles are the 1st two of a 10-part collage of music that Arno will be releasing over the course of 2020. Although not a studio album in the traditional sense, Arno’s intention is to present a complete body of work before the end of the year, with the understanding that sometimes ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.

The bigger picture connects Arno’s love of energized alt pop production on one side of the spectrum, with his ability to craft anthemic acoustic driven ballads on the other.

“Midnight Screams” and “Erupt” showcase Arno at his acoustic best. 

“The title track, ‘Midnight Screams’, is an uplifting ode to lovers, that speaks of how just one night of pleasure, can change the trajectory of a person’s life forever.”

Midnight screams of delight
My obsession with the party is in full swing
You see I think the world’s oraait
My obsession with you angel is overflowing

The 2nd single, “Erupt”, is as unexpected as you can get from Arno.

“I like the raw sound of demos and have always thought we lose some of the magic when songs are over produced. 

With ‘Erupt’, I think we’ve managed to capture a raw moment in time, without all the wizardry that overcomplicates things.I think I’ve discovered a new voice in a way.”

Are you ready to erupt
Because I am your flavour
Cause I’ve been channelling a good vibe
Ready to erupt
I hear you, I hear you, oh lord

Who’s that bag of bones shaking in the wind
Sweet island breeze from the chaos of Hades
We escape the scene on a moonlit kiss dream
And shoulder to shoulder we discover
Are you ready to erupt

“Midnight Screams (as an eventual complete body of work) will touch on the nature of God’s unpredictability, the heartbreak, the loss, the conquering spirt, and the terrifying confrontational moments of realization that force change.

My musical journey and specifically what I am presenting here, is more personal than ever before.  I’m embracing the new and the unexplored.”

The singles are available now for Pre-order or Pre-Save on all your favourite digital platforms; and from the 27th March 2020 for streaming and download everywhere.

1. Midnight Screams: Pre-order or pre-save the single by Arno Carstens HERE
2. Erupt: Pre-order or pre-save the single by Arno Carstens HERE

The artwork for Midnight Screams was created as an original collage by Arno Carstens for Arno Carstens Fine Art.

The music videos were directed by Lionel Smit  (https://www.lionelsmit.co.za) a South African artist who pursues his craft in all manner of media with areas dedicated to sculpture, painting and printmaking.

The music videos will be premiered on YouTube on the 26th March 2020.

1. Midnight Screams
2. Erupt

Follow Arno Carstens online:

Official Website
Arno Carstens Fine Art Website

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