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Fourth Son South unveil ‘Reflections’, the third single from ‘The Sounds Around Your Head’ with Rocking video complement!

Founder, Guitarist & Lead Vocalist Peter Toussaint chats to SA Music News Magazine about the song & the Band

Overdrive Indie Funk Rockers Fourth Son South (South Africa) are back with their equally funky third single REFLECTIONS from their blazing album ‘ The Sounds Around Your Head .

Reflections is about perspective. Most people think there is one truth, but the truth depends very much on the perspective – the viewpoint. The truth is round, and its reflections never seem the same. It gives a different story in a different frame. In a relationship this is the same. I’m very happy with how it works for me, you bring out my best. But I’m still not sure how to tell you what you want to hear.” ~ Peter Toussaint

SA Music News Magazine are delighted to present to you the Exclusive Premiere of the new Video, and we also had the opportunity to chat to Peter Toussaint (Founder, Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar) about Reflections and all things Fourth Son South

Check out the video for ‘Reflections’ below

Reflections Lyrics

When I think about you

I just can’t wait for you to get back here

But I don’t know how to

Tell you what you want to hear

The truth is round

Its reflections never seem the same

Memories found

Tell different stories in a different frame

I hope I get it right this time

You are so able

To get the right life out of me

With you I’m stable

And that is all I want to be

When I think about you

You are so able

To get the right life out of me

With you I’m stable

And that is all I want to be

You are so able

To get the right life out of me

With you I’m stable

And that is all I want to be

When I think about you

Check out our chat with the legendary, multi-talented Peter Toussaint

SAMNM: Hello Peter and thank you for taking the time to chat with us at SA Music News Magazine. Getting straight into the funky jam of the hour “Reflections”, tell us more about this new single and video off your latest banger of an album “The Sounds Around Your Head”

I feel honored being on SA Music News Magazine! Reflections was one of the first songs I wrote when I started as front man of a new band, but it was only properly recorded when Fourth Son South came into existence somewhere last year.

The song started with a line I had for a long time; “The truth is round, it’s reflections never seem the same”. I guess the word that kind of explains the song is perspective. When we chose the song as the next single, we wanted a video as well, but (also due to the Corona crisis) are budget was about 2 beers. So, we shot the video in our rehearsal, using whatever we had available, meaning it was recorded with mobile phones.

SAMNM: “The Sounds Around Your Head” has been out now since November 2020; how has the journey since release been for you and the band, and how do you feel it has been received to date?

We are still in difficult times, there are no festivals or big shows, so it is hard to compare. However, I think that the album did put Fourth Son South on the map. It has been well received and the previous singles had considerable radio air play. I hope we can continue like this!

SAMNM: Fourth Son South may be a new band, but you consist of such skilled set of musicians; share some insight about your band members, and how you managed to put together such an expert collective?

Alright, on the bass guitar and vocal harmonies we have Franco Jamneck. I’ve been playing together with Franco for years in a lot of bands and Fourth Son South came about from him joining me in my solo act. He is an exceptional musician and a solid bass player.

On drums (and also vocal harmonies) we have Carel “Rumkat” Viljoen. He actually started out in the band on rhythm guitar when the band started. When our first drummer left, he asked if he could take over on drums and that has been happiness ever since.

Because Carel went onto drums (this was around July 2020 if I’m not mistaken), we needed another guitar player. Expecting a negative response, I asked Dale McHardy. He was (and is) playing in a multitude of bands (Son Of Hawk, Boargazm, Poeselig, Human Nebula to name a few), so I didn’t think he’d have the time. But, he said yes, and we are blessed to have him as he is a fantastic guitar player.

SAMNM: You weave such a rich tapestry in your sound, with a host of influences and genres for variety and spectrum; share with us what goes into crafting your music?

Ha ha, that is always that strange process. I normally start with a melody, a riff or something in between. Then whilst I’m busy with that I can hear counter melodies or sound tapestries in my head that could go with that. I often have to cut down a bit (or in parts of the song) to not make it too rich. Only after I have the music complete, I start thinking about lyrics.

SAMNM: You also play in bands like The Barbosa Experience, The Fake Leather Blues Band & Hoot ‘n Anny (an impressive array of artists); how do you manage to spread your artistry so expertly wide Peter – do you ever sleep 🙂 ?

It has over the past years hardly ever been a problem. Only when one of the bands is on tour and a request comes in for another band but as long as you plan well in advance there’s no hassle. But, I love the diversity, it gives inspiration, forces me to think in other directions and I think it makes me more complete as a musician.

SAMNM: How has Fourth Son South been managing with Covid in terms of creativity, productivity, and shows?

For creativity and productivity Covid has been great! I wrote most of the songs for “The Sounds Around Your Head” during lockdown, also to beat depression. Shows on the other hand … well, let’s hope that the time we can play and enjoy festivals and big shows comes soon. The whole hospitality and entertainment industry has been suffering.

SAMNM: Connecting with communities across the globe is more important than ever for artists, especially given the changing music landscape; how have you embraced tools and channels like social media and technology to help you reach global audiences?

Yes and no. I know there have been lots of artists that have embraced the streaming shows and I have tried it as well (be it solo), but I find it very hard to get the same live energy when there’s just the cameras and no other audience. Social Media on the other hand works across the globe and we try to use it as much as possible. As a result, we’ve been having good airplay in the US and Europe as well.

SAMNM: What is on the cards for Fourth Son South into the near future; share a glimpse with us of what we can look out for next?

I’ve been writing new material so we will release new material in the coming months. But, an exciting thing we are working on are the vocals. We are working to have all band members singing and create 4-voice harmonies on most of the songs. It’s something I’ve always wanted in a band and also something I miss hearing when I see and listen to other bands when they play live.

SAMNM: Thank you again Peter, we wish you best of luck and thank you for this exclusive premiere of “Reflections”. In conclusion, and specific shout outs you want to make?

Thank you for the support SA Music News Magazine gives to South African bands! I should give a big thank you to Devo from Devographic Music Media who has brought us in touch with a wide array of publications, radio stations and people that all love our music scene and support it.

Download / Stream ‘Reflections’ below

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