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Francois Van Coke heading Full-throttle into 2021 with BIG plans- Join the ride!

A Conversation Series / A Livestream with Die Gevaar/ Brand new singles on the way!

Francois Van Coke is at it again – reinventing and making new plans to ride the waves of these times. And he is doing so at full-throttle.


On Monday, 22 February, Francois’ 10-part tell-all conversation series (podcast, videocast & documentary), in conversation with Annie Klopper, kicks off. 26th February sees the release of a hot new single, with another on the way early March. And then for a high energy rock ‘n’ roll livestream with Die Gevaar on 6th March.

40 Jaar Van Coke – Annie Klopper in conversation with Francois van Coke


In this conversation series Francois van Coke divulges the most he has ever done about his life and career. In ten intimate and revealing conversations he tells Annie Klopper the kind of stories he only tells his close friends; stories so wild that they never made it to mainstream media. 

Francois reveals the true stories behind newspaper headlines such as “Wie het Van Coke opgef*k?” (who f*cked up Van Coke?) and “Coke soen man” (Coke kisses man).

Find out why Francois never really wanted to sing and why “Sundays are the worst”. The alcohol, the drugs, Francois’ first time in jail, stories about the love of his life, his wife Lauren and how Die Antwoord paid for her engagement ring.

It’s Francois at his highest, Francois at his lowest – it’s all here… rare, raw, in-depth and uncensored.

Above all the sensation, it is the story of Francois’ success. It’s about how a preacher’s son from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town had a dream and how he achieved it. Get to know Francois better and how twenty years of hard work paid off.

The first 9 episodes were filmed in 2020 at Van Coke Studios in Cape Town.  The stories start with his childhood and runs through to 2020’s Francois van Coke & Vriende Livestream on his fortieth birthday.  The tenth episode will be filmed this year and will end this series in a special finale.

Annie and Francois have been friends since 2004, so these conversations flow with intimate inside knowledge, but is also super entertaining and well structured. Annie wrote her MA thesis about Fokofpolisiekar, as well as a book about the band titled Biografie van ’n Bende: Die storie van Fokofpolisiekar (published in 2011). 

Francois promised Annie that she can also write his biography, but then it ended up in these conversations – a combination of a podcast, videocast and documentary, featuring rare footage to colour in the stories.

How to watch:

The first episode of this conversation series will be available on 22nd February at 8pm and is titled Sing vir ‘n streep (sing for a line) After that an episode will be released each week at 8pm until the last episode on 26 April. After episode 10 is released, the whole series will be available until 31st May 2021.

It will cost the viewer R50 per episode. Each episode is 60 – 80 minutes long. The series can be purchased from iTickets at R500 and is sold as a bundle only.

The ticket holder will get a unique link, which they will have access to at any time, to watch the episodes which have been released.

With this all-access link, ticket holders will be able to watch ALL the episodes as much as they want from 26 April to 31st May.

Tickets go on sale on Friday 19 February 2021. 

Link to ‘40 Jaar Van Coke’ tickets HERE 

Jägermeister Presents: Francois van Coke & Die Gevaar Livestream


The Story: Francois Van Coke brought some light to these dark pandemic times as frontman of seven successful direct livestreams in 2020. 

All that fell by the wayside was a full-on electric show with him and his super group, Die Gevaar

The time has come to let Die Gevaar loose for a full-throttle Francois van Coke & Die Gevaar experience. The pandemic kept Die Gevaar away from the stage for far too long, so this performance will drip with the high energy rock ‘n’ roll they are known for.

This will be Francois’ first livestream show of 2021 and will be streamed live from the Daisy Jones Bar at OMG on the Summerhill Wine Farm (Stellenbosch).

Forces were joined with Daisy Jones Bar and Antics Live to bring a livestream show from an established live music venue. This concert promises to be special and unique, just like all Francois’ livestream offerings of 2020.

New music: Francois’ newest single, Begin van die einde, as well as his new track with Hunter Kennedy and rapper Middelvinger, Alles is gecancel, will be performed live at this show for the first time.

The experience: This livestream experience will be interactive with prizes to be won through the course of the evening. So make sure you and your friends get your spot in the Zoom room and keep your bottle of Jägermeister handy if you want to stand a chance to win something cool.

Like all musicians Francois and his team were forced to make new plans to survive these times. The biggest loss has been income from live shows. Today, almost a year later, things are not looking better which forces Francois and his industry to reinvent and make new plans.

Date: 6 March 2021

Time: 8pm


Facebook event

More offerings: Attend the livestream in person:

1. 10 x VIP behind-the-scenes experience tickets. Access to the venue from 6pm (2hrs before the livestream starts). Access to free drinks: Fokof Lager and Jägermeister mixology bar for some crafty cocktails. There will also be a cash bar if you fancy something else.

2. 20 x LIVESTREAM audience member tickets. Access the venue from 7:30pm (30minutes before the livestream starts). Access to the Daisy Jones cash bar.

Raffle tickets:

When purchasing a livestream tickets also get one (or more) of these raffle tickets and stand a chance to win one of these amazing prizes: 

1. Memorabilia: Fender Squire Telecaster electric guitar (sunburst) signed by Francois van Coke & Die Gevaar (value R6000)

2. Art: ‘Francois van Coke’ artwork print by Lionel Smit. 50 x 50cm unframed Gicleé print on archival paper. Edition of 40 signed by Lionel Smit and Francois van Coke (value R3000)

3. Swag: Francois van Coke’s blue Levi’s denim jacket with sewed on ‘Die Gevaar’ back patch (size medium)

4.) Braai: Zuney Wagyu meat starter pack (value R2000)

**The raffle will take place during the livestream on 6 March.**

Begin van die einde (Beginning of the end)


‘Begin van die einde’ (Beginning of the end) is Francois van Coke’s first single and music video release of 2021. It will be released on 26th February.

Francois explains that the song is about “trying to be better in a time of disorienting change”.

Begin van die einde was partly inspired by Yuval Noah Harari’s book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Francois read the book in December 2019 and became concerned about present times. He wrote the lyrics for the song in February 2020 and not long after COVID 19 kicked in full force.

Francois expands on the single: “The song took turns backwards and forwards. I almost scrapped it, but loved the lyrics too much to let it slide. I reworked it a bunch of times, made it acoustic, reworked it again and even re-recorded the whole song, but eventually found the correct package for it.”

This full-throttle rock ‘n’ roll song is the perfect warm-up for the Francois van Coke & Die Gevaar Livestream on 6 March at 8pm.

Watch out for the epic single, ‘Alles is Gecancel’, with rapper Middelvinger and Hunter Kennedy coming your way early March!

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