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Fransien Scott explores the winds of change in new single

It’s about the moment you decide to let go of someone who used to be special to you, to free yourself from an unhealthy situation,” Fransien Scott reveals about the meaning behind her latest release.

‘Die Wind Het Kom Waai’, written by the artist herself and produced by Stonebear’s Helmut Meijer, is a heartfelt song inspired by women who were able to stand alone and move forward after experiencing pain and disappointment in their marriages or relationships.

My women’s ministry, KeeperSoul, has put me into contact with so many women whose stories of survival captivated me. I wanted to write a song that emphasizes the importance of the role of other inspiring women in our lives,” she explains. “When times are tough and we are forced to stand on our own feet, it is good to know that there are other women out there that are willing to support us.”

A gripping music video, carefully planned to capture the message of the song, can now be seen on TV. It was filmed in her own house and garden in Portugal, which is also the new home of her ministry, KeeperSoul.

I play the role of a woman who experiences rejection in her marriage and eventually decides to find herself again. The theme of transformation that facilitates my women’s ministry, KeeperSoul, is perfectly captured in this video when she is received with so much love into a new home that other women were able to create for her,” shares the versatile singer-songwriter.

Watch the video below

‘Die Wind Het Kom Waai’ is her sixth single and follows in the footsteps of radio hits like Koninkryk van Beton , Staan Reg and Roei .

Fransien, who enjoys playing guitar and piano, grew up in a musical home and worked as a teacher after school before moving overseas with her husband.

She recently started a new business, FynBos Interiors, that does renovations in the Algarve. Currently she is also decorating her own home. In her free time, she continues creating new music and enjoys making a difference with her women’s ministry, KeeperSoul Women and her charity organisation Hope-fullboxes.

Her plans for the future include releasing more songs and visiting South Africa.

‘Die Wind Het Kom Waai’ is an inspiring modern track that was specifically created to encourage those who are going through change and difficult times. “We have all been hurt and had to make the difficult decision of starting over in order to survive,” she concludes.

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