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Future Radio Breaking free and breaking through with new release ‘Break us’

BREAK US” is the third single from FUTURE RADIO’s upcoming debut album, FREEDOM. The song deals with the internal struggle of letting go of something that you still love, but no longer serves you.

From an instrumentation and arrangement perspective, it is by far their most simplistic release to date. The almost hypnotic rhythm guitar section in the verse supports the idea of the struggle and frustration with captivity and the guitar solo represents the internal battle for freedom.

The song’s form and feel resemble other riff-rock bands, such as The White Stripes, Wolfmother and Royal Blood.

Listen to ‘Break us’ below

Johnny Future, the frontman and songwriter of Future Radio, recalls that initially, he was not sure if the song would musically fit into their debut concept album. Ultimately, the lyrics of the song resonated so well with the overarching theme of Freedom, that the song made the cut.

“I think this is a story that everyone can relate to. We all have those things that we need to let go of, but letting go isn’t always that easy,” he explains.

Future Radio is actively looking for unique ways to tell stories. Johnny explains that aurally each song on the album tells its own story, but also forms part of the overall narrative of the album. Each song is released as “episodes” complete with visuals and a narrative and together these episodes form part of Season 1.

Find out all about the FREEDOM series below

The band’s live show is also designed to tell its own story. “Future Radio is a combination of words, music and visuals. We try to use each of these elements to tell multiple stories, which is unique on its own, but ultimately interconnected,” he continues.

Future Radio’s debut album, “Freedom”, is scheduled for release on 13 November 2020 and will be accompanied by an international online album launch.

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