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Hatchetman release new single ‘The Dream’

Hatchetman is a four-piece band from Cape Town, South Africa. With their musical roots strongly grounded in folk, rock and country music and strong family ties (The Blundell Family dynasty and The Alma Café), Hatchetman is the latest generation of story tellers and harmony bringers to the South African landscape.

Dynamic musical interplay, lush vocal arrangements and outstanding individual musicality all coalesce into a sound that is perhaps best described as Mercurial. Fluid, dense, powerful yet light and dreamy. Juxtapositions rule supreme in Hatchetman’s music, lyrics, and peculiar brand of storytelling.

Todays sees the release of their new single The Dream which was recorded and mixed by Willem Moller at Sharp Street studio and mastered by Simon Ratcliffe at Sound & Motion studio.

“Welcome to a dream that started way back in 2013. A dream that three men shared and have kept the fire burning for through trials and tribulations, both inside and outside the band. A Dream that weaves three men’s lives together in a unique way to keep the tapestry of Hatchetman every growing and ever evolving.

A Dream that is alive and well. A hope for things to come, the wish for a future where folks can gather in clearings and sing along and the dream that harmony can shine forth and be a beacon of hope to all.” – Hatchetman

The Dream is available now on all digital platforms HERE

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