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“I lost my dad in 2007– this song is very personal”- Louis Geldenhuys speaks about his latest single ‘Vlamme’

It takes a very special artist to deliver an emotional ballad with conviction. Fortunately, Louis Geldenhuys has proven several times in the past that he knows exactly how to let his soothing voice speak to listeners’ hearts.

VLAMME, his latest single, is about missing someone who has once been a significant part of your life. The song is portrayed in such a moving way that it leaves you feeling very emotional after hearing it for the first time. “Sometimes you miss someone so much that you see them in everything,” he shares.

“This song tells the story of a person who misses someone, but has no clue what happened to that him or her.”

According to Louis, whose father passed away in 2007, this song – written by Pierre Rossouw – is very personal to him: “In VLAMME the main character hears the trees cracking, the wind blowing and the fire crackling, but it doesn’t provide any clues or explanation of what happened. I believe that all of us have experienced intense longing at some point in time and will, therefore, be able to relate to the lyrics.”

The singer, who is joining Nádine and other artists on a Rugby Theme cruise to the Portuguese Islands on Valentine’s Day, reveals that his previous pop song – Angel – was very well received and still features on radio stations across the country. The music video, filmed by Fathom Media in Randburg, can also be seen on television channels such as kykNET NOW, VIA and more.

Watch the video below for ‘Engel’

Both songs are available on his album, Harte in die Lug, of which the titular track was written by country legend Dennis East. It consists of eleven original tracks, alternating between elaborate dance music and deeper love and gospel songs.

Download the album HERE

With the KKNK and other festivals around the corner, Louis is busy preparing for his live shows and still regards every opportunity he gets to share his music with audiences a great privilege.

Furthermore, he is also planning a new album and possible tour with Country Koors for later this year and is thinking about continuing his Drama studies in the future. He is currently busy finishing his degree in English Education.

VLAMME is a captivating ballad that will stay in your heart for a long time. It is one of those songs that will transport you back to the past, leave you longing for those you have lost and make you cherish the beautiful memories that you have experienced in your life… like only Louis Geldenhuys’s music can.





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