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Introducing 15 year old Benjamin Wood & his debut single ‘Rising Sun’

Benjamin Wood, 15, is from Johannesburg, South Africa. A multi-talented artist and performer, Benjamin not only sings, but also plays multiple instruments, writes songs, is a tap and ballet dancer, and an actor.

Benjamin has been involved in many musical theatre productions including ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Evita’ – Pieter Toerien productions, and Jonathan Roxmouth – The Musicals at the Teatro, Montecasino.

Benjamin has also competed and done incredibly well in multiple competitions and eistedfords. He is a natural talent and has achieved so much at such a young age, the future holds great things for this young performer!

“I am very passionate about song writing and I believe music changes lives. So, I am super excited to be releasing my first single, ‘Rising Sun’. I wrote Rising Sun last year and it started out as a catchy tune in my head”, says Benjamin.

Listen to Benjamins   ‘Rising Sun’ below

“Something about the melody was uplifting and so I built the song around the theme of hope. The song overall is really about finding something to cling to in dark times. You need to find the glimmer of light that will guide your path no matter what. I like to think the song has a driving action behind it, a determination and spirit to hold on tight because things will turn out better eventually – it has a celebratory feel” he adds.

“My song also speaks to embracing the light within you because you cannot change your circumstances when the light inside you doesn’t shine.  More than ever now in the world and in our country, we need to remember that the sun will shine tomorrow, and a new day will begin. The night seems long and uncertainty is ever looming, but the rising sun and light will guide our way. Through hope and togetherness, we will always get through.”

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