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Introducing ‘1990 Records’ & their SoulJahs of sound – Creating with Change

Hosting a roaster of local and international acts 1990 Records is aiming to lay a blueprint that will create an impact and significant change, socially and within the music industry.

The studio was founded in 2018 by friends D1, Don Bunji and BFB with the vision of creating a recording studio that works….motivated by the frustrating delays at which other studios took to complete recording music.

1990 Records was born and Lee Global, the grandson of the much loved, late Miriam Makeba, later joined the group.

Lee Global, is an established artist who has performed at the ‘Back To Black’ Music Festival in Brazil and D1 (The Dominant One) is the winner of the 2011 Best Producer Award at the ‘Malawi Music Awards’.

Artist BFB has recently collaborated with female MC Fifi Cooper and rapper Fredokiss on the single titled “Kapolo” and is featured on the HHP single “Kea Jelwa”.

Watch below

D1 and BFB met Lee Global while all three where working on the highly anticipated HHP posthumous Album titled “The Drum” as part of the production team.

D1 played a key part in the production of the album.

Looking to add value not only within the music they make but also amongst other emerging artists.

Recently 1990 Records partnered with SAMRO Foundation to host the second  “Art + Business” seminar with Konshens The MC who is a Governor on the Grammy Chapter Board, Voting Member of the Grammy Recording Academy and Grammy Museum Teaching Artist.

1990 Records are also planning to release more music in 2020 with artist Don Bunji releasing his singles “The Poor Never Win” and  “Alright” with singer AV, both singles are Afro-pop inspired.

Listen to ‘Alright’ below


Don Bunji will be releasing his debut album “18.15.1990”.

Listen to the latest from 1990 Records artist Don Bunji on your preferred platforms HERE

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