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Introducing Tranzportal : A Psychedelic Sound Novel

Get ready for a completely new experience in music, and sound.

Said to be the world’s first PSYCHEDELIC SOUND NOVEL, Tranzportal was launched
exclusively on Mixcloud HERE on Friday, July 3rd 2020 by Let’s go Big Tunes.

So what exactly is the hype about?

We spoke to creator/author/DJ, Rian Pelati about this new project.

“Let me share a secret with you. Being a writer and a trance DJ, I wondered what would happen if one “wrote” a psytrance sound novel. Allow me to explain…

Tranzportal is as far as I know, the first psychedelic sound novel ever “written”: in the world. It is not a mixtape, nor a club mix or remix of your favorite songs , It’s words are expressed solely through sound!

A novel written without a drop of ink. A novel you can’t read with your eyes, you have to be listen to what the sounds are whispering in your ear,” he explains.

The sound novel consists of 13 Chapters (psytrance sound mixes}, telling the story of a portal that opens and what follows thereafter. New chapters will be released every Friday at 2pm on Mixcloud and then on Youtube.

”Over a period of 13 weeks, once a week, I will take you on a sound journey through the portal with me, and together we will experience the adventures that happens on the other side,” he said

”The other side of the coin is the following: While we have been in lockdown, I got so tired of watching videos on Netflix and streaming music on the different channels; With Tranzportal, I want every listener to experience their own unique story, in an interactive way.

How we are going to achieve that?

Every Chapter has a title. The rest is up to your own creativity, “The Story” will take place in your imagination and everyone will have their own story to tell.  All you have to do, is play the track, put on your headphones or go sit in a quiet space where you wont be disturbed and let the music take you on your journey.

”Don’t be afraid to let your imagination power the rocket all over your inner milky-way. It’s your Galaxy with no limits – full of millions of stars beyond the Earth’s horizons. I share my story with everyone through each sound in every chapter expressing my journey inside the portal.”

Rian adds that once you experienced the Chapter that you listened to, you can share your own story, about your experience of the portal with him by either e-mailing letsgobigtunes@outlook.com, or commenting below the track.

Please remember to include your name and where you are from in your comments.

They will have a special page on their website HERE where they will be sharing your stories and experiences every week.

Rian expresses – “I dare you to be brave enough to walk through the portal and experience it’s power.”

For those who want a more visual experience, videos of every chapter will be available to you on the Let’s go Big Tunes You tube channel HERE which officially launched on July 1, 2020.

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