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Jaydon Lewis and Paxton team up on brand new single ‘Good company’

It’s a teen dream made in collab heaven as Jaydon Lewis and Paxton team up on their first single together with ‘good company’ – out across all digital platforms.

Both incredible talents in their own right, the two 19-year-old musical sensations have come together to create a single that will have fans dancing all the way through 2020.

Jaydon Lewis and Paxton were both given the opportunity to spend five days at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town for a writing session, which was the setting that brought this powerful collab together. While in a writing session with another great local artist, Caleb Williams, the three of them created ‘good company’.

“I was scheduled to meet up with Jaydon for a writing session and we weren’t really planning on creating something, so I ended up going into studio just for the fun of it. I think we both knew after hearing the song that it was something really special,” and anyone listening to ‘good company’ will agree with Paxton.

Lewis delves into the creative side of writing ‘good company’, saying “The inspiration was to create something uplifting and experiment and push ourselves creatively as artists, but in a fun and upbeat vibe.

Watch the music video for ‘good company’ below

The song was made during the final 20 to 30 minutes of our session and everything just happened organically. The key message to take from it is to believe in yourself and in what you want, to surround yourself with good people and to unite together.”

Paxton echoes the sentiment as she brings forward her inspiration for the track, further explaining “The song ‘good company’ was inspired by just the importance of having good people in your life. The company we keep affects the quality of our lives and that is a universal truth.

It’s also about being very protective of your time, energy and space. Also, the importance of surrounding yourself with people who contribute to your life and are good for your heart and mind. If they aren’t, then they will be no longer be a factor or of importance.”

As serious as the ‘good company’ message is, the track delivers it in an incredibly fun way. As the producer for the single, Lewis explains that “’good company’ is meant to be uplifting with positive vibes that inspire and empower those to be the best they can be.”

He also realises that during the current climate, everyone needs good company more than ever. He wants this track to make everyone dance and put a smile on their face while listening to it. Something the current seriousness of the world has taken away from most.

Paxton has been taking steps outside of her genre comfort zone which started with her single ‘No Distractions’ released towards the end of 2019.

This time she had Lewis and Williams taking her on a new path with ‘good company’. “This sound and style was very new to me, I’ve never done something like this and that’s what made me want to pursue it even more.

I think Caleb and Jaydon definitely brought out a different side of me and I really had fun while recording this in studio. I love that they’re both very passionate about what they do and appreciate their work ethic, because without them this wouldn’t have been possible.”

With lockdown enforced ahead of the music video shoot for ‘good company’, the team had to come up with a new plan to have a video drop with the single.

Lewis explains: “We initially had an elaborate music video with dancers and all the bells and whistles. Then the pandemic swept across the globe and prevented us from filming. We still plan on doing this music video, but we knew we had to do something worthy of the track that people would enjoy and feel a connection to during the lockdowns.

That’s how we came up with these self-shot videos that we edited together to create something fun, uplifting, and relevant to what everyone across the globe is experiencing. in a way, it’s very true to the spirit and idea behind ‘good company’.”

Paxton has crafted in an incredible career in the two and half years since her Idols SA win. 2018 saw Paxton hit the International scene immediately, with a performance as part of the World Children’s Fund in Sweden, and receiving an ambassadorship from Queen Silvia of Sweden.

She then went on to perform at The White Nights of St Petersburg, sharing the stage with the likes of Seal, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Kool and The Gang. 2019 she went into preparations for Musexpo in Los Angeles, where she performed for some of the biggest names in the Global Industry.

May 2019 saw her return to Sweden to perform once again for the Queen, and continue her work as the “You, Me: Equal Rights Ambassador”. She was also excited to head off to India in August 2019, as a UNESCO Ambassador of Kindness.

A wunderkind with the Midas touch, Jaydon Lewis has continuously astounded listeners with his powerful and dynamic production. As a testament to his prodigious talent, at age 19, his music had already amassed over 150 million plays.

Now, Jaydon is embarking upon 2020 with a new, unique sound—a fusion of afropop and melodic house that glows with passion and optimism. It was his remix of ‘Ride’ by Twenty One Pilots that first ushered him into the spotlight on the back of its 30 million+ views.

Several successful remixes followed soon after, including ones for Chainsmokers’ ‘All We Know’ and A-Trak’s ‘Heads Will Roll’. Both received massive DJ support. Even Jaydon Lewis’ remix of the iPhone ringtone has had over 55 million plays.

As a final word, Jaydon Lewis has a message to the fans: “I would like to thank my supporters for always being there. I’ve been working hard and will be releasing more songs this year which I am very excited about.

I know that this is a very difficult time for all around the world and we were not sure whether I should release a song but we felt that the song is very upbeat and hopefully we could uplift some spirits. Hope everyone likes the track and everyone is staying safe indoors & taking care of themselves and others!”

‘Jaydon Lewis and Paxton – good company’ is out now across all digital platforms HERE

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