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Kila G releases brand new soulful single titled ‘Ayeye’

As the first track from Cape Town based singer Kila G’s EP, “Pure Heart”, due for release in February and following the release of the break-up remedy single “Izenzo Zam”, “Ayeye” dives into the understanding of one’s self and the pain, love and feelings our hearts experience throughout life.

Listen to ‘Ayeye’ on Spotify below or find your preferred platform HERE

With a calming feel to the song, Kila G sets the perfect mood and creates the scene for a reflective conversation with himself.

Over African inspired instrumentation produced by Syre, Kila G sings: “Soze ndikhalaze Impilo Soze ikumele nanini na Nalapha phandle”, which states that he will not cry as life does not stop moving, the heart just has to continue to deal with emotions on a daily basis regardless of what is happening around you.

Kila G has been recording music for the past 2 years, gaining traction with the release of his first E.P titled “Stone Age” in 2018. This project showcased Kila G’s vocal ability and songwriting skills and formed a vital part in moulding his R&B and Soul sound with elements of Pop. Since then Kila G has been releasing singles and collaborating, consistently showcasing and developing his African influenced sound.

Kila G’s second E.P, “Pure Heart”, which is set for release in the month of love, is looking to share more of his musical expression and with features from Cape Town based artist and producers, it stands to uncover the multitude of talent his city has to offer.

With a long list of performances at prominent events in and around the Western Cape, such as “Selective Hearing” hosted at Fire and Ice, a multitude of school tours and making multiple appearances at one of Cape Town’s most popular weekly performance shows “Expressive Nights” hosted by 3-time SAFTA award winning best presenter, Siv Ngesi. Kila G has become a staple in Cape Town and has gained the support of prominent figures within the music industry over time.

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