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Loui Lvndn teams up with SA’s legendary rock singer Arno Carstens on his latest single ‘BOOM!’

Loui Lvndn steps out of his familiar sound fans have come to love from his SAMA-nominated ‘Your Princess Is In Another Castle’ Debut album and unveils a dark pop ballad about surrendering yourself to a dangerous love affair.

Lvndn further explains the single and theme, saying “The alternative-pop single is about surrendering oneself to love, regardless of the risks involved. It’s a dangerous affair when you love blindly because it opens you up to all sorts of BOOM! But you are so passionate, that ultimately, the outcome doesn’t matter.

What I love is creating, and exploring the heights we can take our music as South Africa. It’s a song I wrote for everybody. Y’know? Everyone stands for something.

Teaming up with Arno Carstens has brought two very unique voices in the music industry together on a single that is also very unique sounding for both. What at first seems like an unlikely collab, has become a spectacular cohesion of voices on a song that takes both artists out of their comfort zones.

“Arno laid that salient vocals on the record and I did my Loui Lvndn thing. It’s in the two really powerful energies that collided – His world and mine are distinct in terms of subcultures and genres but on this track, we carve out a whole new dancefloor. This record is historic! ”

Watch the lyric video below

So how did this all come about?

“My single ‘How Come You Are Not?’ from my debut album was out and getting the spins on streaming playlists. Arno heard the record and I guess he loved the sound,” recalls Lvndn. “So he hunted me down on social and told me the jam is crazy. I was like, Arno Carstens is jamming to my music right now!!?? Mama I made it – Haha.

Some time went by and I was working on some new singles and I had an idea when I was writing ‘BOOM!’ – what if Arno Carstens, a legend in SA alternative rock, and I, an aspiring legend in SA alternative rock, made a track together, a track that wasn’t alternative rock.

I asked him to be on the song and he was like ‘heck yeah’. We linked up in JHB early February while he was doing some shows there and Arno laid his salient vocals on the Alternative Pop record and of course the song came out amazing.”

‘BOOM!’ is the first of many singles written by Lvndn for his new period of music which is an evolution of the Loui Lvndn sound. It was produced by the Craig Hawkins of Audio Militia, whom Lvndn plans on making more music with in the new period, and co-produced by Loui Lvndn and Byron Marais. Lvndn got together with Arno at a studio in the North of JHB where they bedded the vocals under the engineering skills of Audio Militia.

Arno Carstens is really happy with the way the final product for ‘BOOM!’ came out and loved working with Lvndn. “I’m a fan of Loui’s from when I first discovered his music putting a digital playlist together, so I was keen to record vocals on the track with him. I think it came out pretty cool. I love trying out new things and I think it’s absolutely fantastic. I think Loui has a real special character and I love his style. He’s just got that something special and I enjoy his originality.”

Lvndn moved to Cape Town recently for a creative writer role just before lockdown, so with over 4 months of lockdown implemented in SA, how has this period been for him? “I landed in Cape Town in the midst of people going crazy trying to stock up on alcohol. Sadly, I was not one of those people and lockdown has been relatively dry on that front. Otherwise it’s been great.

I’ve got a spot across the beach and I work from home. I built a rad studio set up here and I’m able to do meetings get things done without leaving. Sadly, this isn’t the case for most people in the entertainment industry so I try to put this observation to use into the work I do for brands.”

Loui Lvndn (Feat Arno Carstens) – BOOM!’ is out now on your favourite digital platform HERE

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