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Melunice releases a third Isizulu Single, ‘Shiqe’, a Fun, Lighthearted Song about being deeply loved

38-year-old Afro pop singer Melunice, born Melusi Ngubane has released his 3rd single called ‘Shiqe’.

‘Shiqe’ is listed as track 7 on his upcoming album “Uhambo” which is set to be released in April 2020. The song is currently available on sound cloud for free streaming so check it out below!

Having been in the music industry intermittently for the past fifteen years, MeluNice has re-discovered his love for music and on a journey to perfect his art and be true to himself. He maintains that he wants people to experience his craft and is less worried about how the industry will receive him. He strongly believes that if his music touches one person he will have achieved his goal.

MeluNice makes music that he loves to listen to, and his intention is to spread love, peace and joy. This world definately needs more MeluNICE!

The new album “Uhambo” which can be loosely translated as “the Journey” will show a balanced view of Melu the man as well as his experiences in matters of the heart. This song is a sneak peak into the album and is a fun, lighthearted, song about being deeply loved.

MeluNice has challenged fans to drop their own video versions of the track on social media, and that’s exactly how SA Music news found this delightful new track, with our instagram feed bopping with happy people vibing and enjoying the song so much.

MeluNice says he has thoroughly enjoyed the different interpretations of his song and has been pleasantly surprised by it being enjoyed by both the young and old.


Keep an eye out for the upcoming album

Album Launch – Event page

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Email: mcngubane@gmail.com
Cell: 081 351 0708 / 068 115 9982

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