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Miguel Pregueiro is Back With Not One But Two Sizzling Hot New Singles!

It’s been almost eight months since we last heard from Portuguese-Spanish singer, Miguel Pregueiro but he is back and has released two new singles titled “Hola” and “Loco”. These sexy-new afro-inspired Latin beats are the latest in Miguel’s releases with overseas producers Roc-Legion and Ramoon Musica.

Following in the success of his previous single, “Solo” which landed on stations across SA and the Heart FM Top 40, these latest offerings are starting to cement Miguel in a sound that really resonates with the kind of artist he wants to be.

When I first started in the industry, I had no idea what kind of music I wanted to make and I tried to change according to what I thought people wanted to hear,” Miguel explains, ‘But now I feel like I have really started to find my sound and I am happy with the direction I am going in with it,”

Watch the music video for “Hola” and “Loco” below

So why has it been so long since we last heard from him? He explains that the pandemic has been a huge factor in the delay of releasing new music, “I’m an independent artist who self-funds all my projects so when Covid hit and everything shut down, I was forced out of work just like many other people”.  While the pandemic did put a delay in the releases, Miguel was adamant to come back with a bang.

“I had been working on these singles for a while and just decided to release them both at the same time. My team and I decided to take a chance creatively and merge the two singles into one music video as we saw done by the collaboration between JLO and Maluma on their single ‘Pa Ti’,” who he cites as some of his influences in his career. The music video is a steamy, sensual project that reflects the sexy atmosphere of the songs.

“I would say that my music is quite sexy and we wanted to bring that across in a tasteful way in the music video. I have a small team of talented individuals that I work with on my music videos and it always helps to be on the same page creatively”. 

While Latin and Reggaeton music aren’t big genres in South Africa, Miguel believes that his home-grown audience can still enjoy the latest releases, “Once I found the kind of music I wanted to make, I stayed true to it and I love being able to share it with different types of people. These two new releases are songs that you can’t help but move to and even if it may not be your genre of choice, I am hoping that these will be able to extend further than my normal audience and that people will enjoy the kind of vibe I am putting out there.

Besides being a singer-songwriter, Miguel has made a mark for himself in SA as a content creator on platforms such as TikTok.

Lockdown pretty much encouraged me to try out TikTok for the first time. I had never been on the platform before but once I realized how open the platform is to different types of people and different types of content, I started to find a sweet spot with it and the numbers grew from there”.

As an independent artist, Miguel is adamant to use any platform he can to get himself as well as his music out there, “The more people that are able to see me, the more I am able to grow in the industry and start to get myself to the level I would love to be at”.

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