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Nic Jeffrey releases debut single ‘bedroom recording’ of his acoustic ballad ‘Before I Go’

Since moving to Cape Town in 2018, Nic Jeffrey has grown considerably as a musician. Originally from Johannesburg, now living in Cape Town, the multi-instrumentalist spent his first few years as singer and guitarist for the Cape Town band, PHLO.

From 2018 to 2020, Nic spent time writing songs for PHLO, performing in some of the biggest venues across Cape Town and Stellenbosch, and experiencing various successes with PHLO in the music industry – like radio play and hundreds of thousands of streams – all leading to Nic developing an even greater passion for music.

Now only 21 years old, Nic begins his path as a solo musician. With his music influenced by international artists, like that of Coldplay and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as local South African musicians like Matthew Mole, Nic’s sound provides listeners with an eclectic mix of catchy pop hooks, lively rock flavours and fresh elements of indie-folk.

Overall, the future looks exciting for Nic, with his dreams, ambitions and passion at greater heights than ever before.

Today sees the release of Nic’s debut single, “Before I Go”, a tragic acoustic ballad about wanting to leave a lover, yet still hoping they will beg you to stay. Recorded in his bedroom during Lockdown at the peak of the pandemic, the song has morphed into more than just a heartbreak anthem – it has become to Nic what Lockdown projects became to many: a woefully optimistic attempt at fighting a greater sense of isolation and hopelessness.

The song’s gentle fingerpicking guitar and dreamy piano; alongside Nic’s haunting falsettos, dark cello and ominous drum beats – all building up to a deeply emotive crescendo – create a song which is beautiful, mysterious and heart-breaking.

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