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Nue_Sam hits home hard with new release ‘Vuyolwethu’ ft. Buhlebendalo raising awareness on Depression & Anxiety!

Poet and orator Nue_Sam drops her brand new single Vuyolwethu today, which puts the
spotlight on the challenges faced by sufferers of depression and anxiety. Nue_Sam features vocalist
Buhlebendalo on the track and both artists take the listener on a haunting but beautiful journey, where
we confront the reality of mental illness plaguing our communities and families today.

Nue_Sam  details the story behind the song as it takes you through the uncomfortable moments of mental breakdown, sleepless nights and self-harm. It speaks of suicidal moments, where one feels like death may be more peaceful than life.

The timing of the song couldn’t be more relevant as we see today, more than ever before, our collective mental health being challenged to the limit as peoples’ physical, emotional and financial wellbeing continue to suffer blows…

Nue_Sam leads with inkondlo (poem) on the song while Buhlebendalo (The Soil; Native Rhythms) gives the song its haunting melodies and vocals.

Listen to Nue_Sams powerful and moving work below

Nue_Sam  explains “Vuyolwethu (meaning ‘our joy’) is a gift to the world. Most black people don’t take depression and anxiety seriously and it is at times mistaken for weakness, with most elders refusing to see it as a serious condition; depression has become one of the most notorious terrorists in our minds. Far too many people either attempt or commit suicide all around the world”.

With this song, we ask for help with information & knowledge. We’re also putting it out there that if one is suffering from the same issues, never feel alone. As much as the people around you might not get it… you are never alone.

Half the world (if not more) is facing the same problems; if we could just educate more and make it a known thing that depression is real and words can kill”.

Vuyolwethu” is available on all leading digital platforms and can be accessed HERE

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