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Pyjama Planet Samples Launches AcoustiChords Kontakt Library with Black Friday Super Specials!

Back with their 8th Kontakt Library for 2020

This brand new offering, AcoustiChords, is a multi-sampled Acoustic Guitar CHORD library that allows you to lay down clean and crisp guitar chords in a matter of seconds.

With the option of using 1 or 2 concurrent acoustic guitars, AcoustiChords is perfect for adding backing to your music, whether it be for Underscores, Corporate Tracks, or even commercial music. This plugin features Minor Chords, Major Chords, and Shimmer Pad for that added warmth and beauty.

The AcoustiChords Kontakt Library is built for the Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.8 and available HERE

The standard retail price will be $9, but as a Black Friday Launch Special, the AcoustiChords Kontakt Library will be available for $3 from Friday 27 November to Friday 25 December


From Friday 27 November to Friday 25 December, all products on our store will be up to 80% off


The Clanky Metal BassAn aggressive midi metal bass guitar

  • Blend the original bass DI signal into the amped tone to give the desired clank to your your mix
  • Built for Kontakt 6
  •  $29 – on sale for $6

The Basic Bass -A simple, no fuss DI bass guitar signal, with 2 velocity layers

  • An amped tone has been added via the Kontakt Platform for an added bonus
  • Built for Kontakt 5
  • $1 – price remains

Synth Pads

The DarkLord Bass 2.0 –  A low and heavy bass drone library, sampled from a distorted bass guitar in a tall cavenous wooden house

  • Built for Kontakt 6
  • $9 – on sale for $3

AcoustiChords A multi-sampled Acoustic Guitar Chord library that allows you to lay down clean and crisp guitar chords in a matter of seconds

  • B -uilt for Kontakt 5
  •  $9 – on sale for $3

The Berlin Honkey PianoAn old piano reminiscent of a Western Saloon

Sampled with multiple microphones, and with meticulous care

• Built for Kontakt 6
• $9 – on sale for $3



An orchestral brass pad built from live trumpet samples

  • Sounds like multiple brass players in a stadium

Cello Choir and Cello Pad

2 Orchestral Synth pads built from live cello samples

Odin’s Box

3 Libraries in 1, all built from the hum of an electrical transformer

  • 1 x Arcade Keys
  • 1 x Church Organ
  • 1 x Drone Pad

Mark Pyjama is a man with music in his DNA and rhythm pulsing through his veins. He is the main creative driving force behind the Pyjama Planet Empire

Pyjama Planet (Mark Pyjama Solo Artist)
Pyjama Planet Studios (Music Production Services)
Pyjama Planet Samples (Audio Plugins & Instruments)

When Mark is not mixing and producing music for brands and bands, ghost-writing or developing Audio Plugins, he is also a blistering Solo Artist writing his own music and melting faces with tracks, as seen recently for his set at Metal4Africa’s WinterFest’20.

Follow Mark Pyjama Online

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Source: Devographic Music Media, PR, Events & Artist Management Agency South Africa

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