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South African Multi-Instrumentalist Singer-Songwriter KAT Releases Sensational Sophomore Single ‘Halloween’

Produced By Mark Haze

Kat shares …. “There was time in my life when I felt like I was constantly waiting for something good to come. I was in a perpetual purgatory just waiting for my life to start. It’s a bitter sweet state to exist in, you are partially happy in this fairytale existence of this beautiful future you can imagine for yourself ahead …. yet you are also sad and frustrated, wanting your life to begin, but knowing that what you are waiting for will take time.

I awoke the one night with the melody to ‘I’ll be home for Halloween‘ in my head, so I quickly recorded it into a voice note on my phone and went back to sleep. That was the catalyst to the journey that has led to this full production of Halloween

Halloween is about longing for something that you might not ever attain but keeping the hope going anyway. It’s about being hopeful for a brighter future and understanding that sometimes you need to go through the darkest times in order to get to the light. The lyrics of the song Halloween are meant to remind you of the small comforts we find in life to help make us feel better. As a person with anxiety I find social situations hard and its hard to connect with people. Halloween speaks about feeling like you are completely alone right now but this deeper knowing that one day you will feel alright, or you will feel like you belong.

When I took the song to Mark Haze who is my producer, we took a long time trying to find ways to make the song special. But then we realized what it needed was actually simplicity…we stripped it down and Mark played it on the keyboard and we added some strings a bass and a beat. That was it….The song was strong enough on its own….it’s more about emotion and a state of mind than an actual story. ”

Kat is a highly compelling South African singer, multi-instrumentalist, looper and international live musician. Recognized globally for her energetically dynamic performances, which comprises a little bit of everything for all ages to enjoy, Kat is an irresistible creative who skillfully fuses Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Electronic in her own incomparable way.

Kat was born into the performing arts world from a young age and this is where her love for being on stage and entertaining audiences began. After performing live all over the world in countries such as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa as a professional rock artist and bassist, Kat’s live shows present an extensive assortment of her musical influences and always-evolving skillset.

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