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Spirited Single ‘Hurting Love’ Out Today From South African Alternative Singer-Songwriter Tian Nienaber

Produced by the Master in the Art of Legehness Peach Van Pletzen at Planet Awesome

Tian Nienaber is a passionate South African Singer-Songwriter who started his career in the Music Industry at the age of 17 as a Sound Engineer and Rigger. For the first 6 years of his career, Tian spent a lot of time on the road with copious artists and assisted several sizable festivals (learning as much as possible about the industry, whilst building invaluable relationships). Tian has been playing guitar and writing music since the age of 12, so it came as no surprise that he decided to follow his dream to become a Performing Artist after experiencing the Music Industry behind-the-scenes.

The past 6 years Tian has been performing his formidable marque of Alternative Acoustic Tunes full-time, playing notable festivals like ALTERNATIEF IS GROOT and STRAB (Mozambique). The time has now come for Tian to unleash original material, starting with his debut single Hurting Love.

Tian Nienaber shares that “I wrote this song during the first phases of lockdown in 2020. During this time, I had a lot of time to reflect on many things, one of which being my past. I took on a little challenge to write 21 songs in 21 days for an EP I was thinking about recording called SOLDIER ON. On one of these days, the challenge I set for myself was to write a song about a loved one and what I thought they might feel towards me.

At the time I was in lockdown with my mother and that made it quite easy to write about her. I wrote Hurting Love about how I think my mother feels about me, or rather, felt. For years I was struggling with addiction and the person who saw the worst side of it was her. So, I believe that this is a representation of what she felt while I was in active addiction. Not only her but all the people who played significant roles in my life.”

The master in the art of Legehness Peach Van Pletzen at Planet Awesome shares that “I was extremely impressed with Tian in the studio. Not only with his great songwriting capabilities, but having recorded many artists in my career, he has a true powerhouse voice with unique characteristics and tone that shakes a person to the core. I have no doubt that Tian will go far and that this first single will be the start of a great and successful career!

Watch the music video for  ‘Hurting Love’ below

Hurting Love Lyrics

I can see it in your eyes when you look at me
See it in the way you look down when you’re smiling at me
I can feel it in the way that you’ve been touching me
Chilled down to the bone, afraid of who I used to be

Well, I’m the kind of love it hurts to look at
The memories you’d like to bury down
I’m the kind of love it hurts to look at
The holes you wish that you could fill up

Now you’re hiding in the crowd just trying to get away from me
Doing everything you can not to be seen
I’m a ghost against the wall, I’m fading into everything
A needle in a haystack, never to be seen

Well, I’m the kind of love it hurts to look at
The memories you’d like to bury down
I’m the kind of love it hurts to look at
The holes you wish that you could fill up

I’m the kind of love it hurts just to be around
I’m the kind of hate you hoped you’d never find

Well, I’m the kind of love it hurts to look at
The memories you’d like to bury down
I’m the kind of love it hurts to look at
The holes you wish that you could fill up


We had the exciting opportunity to catch up with Singer-Songwriter TIAN NIENABER to chat about the release of his spirited single HURTING LOVE (produced by the epic PEACH VAN PLETZEN at PLANET AWESOME). Here is what he all had to say …

Q: Your debut single HURTING LOVE may be the first time many folks hear you now, but you have been a busy man, playing copious shows and festivals for years. What stands out as highlights of your career to date?

A: For me personally, the highlight of my career is playing at STRAB festival in Mozambique. I believe that this is a festival every music lover should attend at least once in their lifetime. The people and the vibe make for an experience you will not forget.

Q: HURTING LOVE is produced by the epic Peach van Pletzen at Planet Awesome. How did you meet, and how did you get such a powerhouse to produce this track?

A: I have been a client of a law firm, Steyn IP, for quite a while. As they help with all my copyright and trademarks. Christiaan, owner of Steyn IP, is also a good friend of mine and when I spoke to him about the possibility of bringing out my debut single, he immediately thought of Peach. Christiaan and I went to Planet Awesome Studios to go chat to Peach and it all just clicked from there.

Q: What inspired HURTING LOVE, and what message do you hope to convey to folks?

A: Hurting Love is a song inspired by the hurt people feel when they have a loved one struggling with addiction. I wrote the song through the eyes of someone who has a loved one struggling in active addiction and how they might feel towards that person. Addiction is a topic that many are afraid to talk about and for me Hurting Love is a way to open up the difficult conversation.

Q: Your voice is truly powerful and stands out from the crowd. When did you realise you have such a gift, hence, when did you ‘find your voice’?

A: My vocal has always been a bit different. I used to struggle to keep any note that is pleasing to the ear but in high school a teacher of min, Con van den Berg, helped me out to find my voice. After school I continued working on it, and I still am, but I think I have found the sweet spot of where I think my voice is best suited.

Q: A bit of gear talk for the gearheads out there – What guitars and equipment do you prefer to use, and what is your favourite axe to take on the road?

A: All my fans know that I am a sucker for a good acoustic session. I have got a Seagull S6 that I have been using on tour for years and she has never let me down. If I had to choose one guitar to take on the road it would definitely be the Seagull.

Q: We commend you on a very strong social presence, with great content in terms of frequency and quality. Do you have a team behind you, or what is the secret to your fantastic online community offering?

A: I mostly run my socials are run by myself. I also have a good friend, Jannes de Villiers, who is an amazing photographer who helps me with content shooting and keeping everything looking great. I also work with Devo at Devographic Music Agency who assist with my PR and some content.

Q: Please share some insights with us on the Music Video for HURTING LOVE.

A: I have always liked music videos that are simple. I’m not big on storyline videos. So, for Hurting Love we are going for a performance-based video. A dark setting. Something to reflect the feeling of the lyrics.

Q: Have you one any tours outside of South Africa yet? What is your favourite place you’ve played to date, and what would be your Bucket List place to visit and play?

A: I have played outside of SA quite a bit. I have played in Europe which was great and then in a few African countries such as Nigeria. I loved playing in Mozambique and for me that was probably my favourite place. If I could go anywhere right now to play, I would have to choose Nashville because I think any player could learn a lot over there.

Q: What can present, and new fans of Tian Nienaber expect and look forward to for the rest of 2021 and beyond – where to from here?

A: I have got a few more singles planned, both Afrikaans and English, and I am planning an acoustic Ep for the near future.

Q: Thank you for the time, Tian. We wish you best of luck with the single and video and in conclusion, are there any parties you want to give a special shout-out to?

A: Thanks for having me. A shout out to Devo at Devographic for the amazing PR work. Jannes de Villiers from Moving North Media for the content and support over the last six years. Christiaan Steyn from Steyn IP for the legal advice and keeping all my work protected. And finally, my partner and my family for helping me put this all together and keeping me on the right track.

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