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Yahto Kraft releases his 2nd single – An introspective power ballad ‘Washed Away’

After bursting onto the scene when his heartfelt debut single UGLY released earlier in April, the vibrant 19-year old YAHTO KRAFT has just dropped his next single, Washed Away, available across all digital platforms now!!

Written especially for Yahto by Ruth Rozanne Kahts back in 2016,  Washed Away is a James Bond inspired introspective ballad that emphasizes moving on from your past and leaving the hurt behind. It deals with themes of loss and love in the present, as well as the past.

Watch ‘Washed Away’ below

With its powerful, soul-searching lyrics, It was a song that instantly resonated with Yahto, especially with various issues he was dealing with at the time, and has been on the backburner for him to record since then.

Yahto elaborates;  “Back in 2016 when this song was written, I had just written my first single and was heavily leaning on my friends and family to help me get out of that funk. They were the rain that washed away all the pain I had gone through in the year, and I was feeling like a new and refreshed person. They took this pain and hurt I had in me and just drained it out of me, only leaving the good behind.”

Kraft believes that  Washed Away is the ideal follow up single to ‘UGLY’, as he feels he has grown as a person since then.

He explains;  “It has been a few years since the song was written for me, so the meaning has obviously evolved since then. The song still reminds me of friends and family who healed me out of that dark time, but it has become even more personal since then.

He continues; “It has become a song of resilience to me, of overcoming what society expects me to be. Society has often forced me to choose between the traditionally “masculine” and “feminine” aspects of myself, but this song has become a reminder that I don’t have to choose.

I must let all that negativity wash over me, leaving behind a fresh and true version of myself, who embraces both sides of me. All that mud I have been treading, all the wars I have been fighting in my mind about who I am is suddenly gone and I can carry on being unapologetic in how I identify.”

The Voice SA’s Kraft also avidly responded to the James Bond inspired feel to the single that Ruth Rozanne wrote for him and this ambience was important to him to be kept in the song when recording it.

He expands; “Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be the youngest person to ever sing the theme song to a James Bond film – the glamour and elegance of the production and the music videos had me hooked. From Shirley Bassey to Tina Turner to Sam Smith, I have always wanted to follow in their fabulous footsteps.

Unfortunately, the incredibly talented Billie Eilish beat me to being the youngest, but I still feel a pang of pride when I think of baby Yahto wrapping a tablecloth around himself, with a cheap feather boa prancing around his bedroom imagining he’s a Bond girl. What would he think about this song? I like to think I’ve made him proud.”

 ‘Washed Away’ is available now for streaming and downloading on digital platforms HERE

Yahto Kraft concludes;  “All of my hurt has been washed away. Most of the demons I have been fighting have been defeated. My heart finally has a home. Because I am who I am, unapologetically, thanks to the incredible people I have surrounding me and the growth I’ve experienced.

I am that little kid with a tablecloth around me, lip syncing to “Diamonds Are Forever” in the mirror, feeling such incredible joy in being who he was, not thinking it was wrong or sinful, because to him, it wasn’t. Society made him think that for a split second, but not anymore.”

‘I am human, I hurt, I cry, I break, I stand and I roar. All the pain & discomfort I had in myself has finally been washed away.’

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