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Track review : ‘Storm the Gates’ by Pyjama Planet – Out Now!

Reviewed by : Duke Negus

Prepare toStorm the Gateswith Pyjama Planet as they drop their vivacious new single today taken from the upcoming and highly anticipated ‘Madjenta‘ album.

Duke pens his thoughts on this phenomenal offering sure to be on every discerning music lovers playlist in no time!

Artist: Pyjama Planet
Track: Storm The Gates
Genre: Instrumental Symphonic Rock
Country: South Africa 🇿🇦
UPC 195917018511

Pyjama Planet’s latest release “Storm the Gates” is a work of sheer metal force, which – much like the great merciless ocean, catches one off guard at every uncharted corner in its unforgiving swell and yet relentlessly propels one onwards in its breathtaking wake. This finely-crafted instrumental track thrives on complex rhythmic embellishments and comes to life with its outstanding melodic accompaniment.

Albeit instrumental, “Storm the Gates” makes up for its lack of a vocal element with its monumental attention to structural details, herein laying an unyielding foundation through a sagacious use of changes in drum progressions; and an invigorating bouquet of vehement guitar riffs, which are tailored into the track with utmost finesse.

This stylistic approach may appeal to fans of groups such as Mors Principium Est, Arsis, and In Flames; as well as the work of Marty Friedman (Megadeth).

It must be noted that Pyjama Planet has a keen ear for an exemplary mix, as it is beautifully balanced and ticks every box in as far as arrangement goes.

The production is top-notch and the approach brings subtle fragrances of the niche work of the famed Teramae brothers (Demetori), while the track itself remains entirely unique on its own accord – a testament to an experienced dynamic.

At the end of the day, one may say that “Storm the Gates” stands as an absolute goliath of an instrumental track, while also preserving its presence within the metal genre with most obliging veracity.

Get ‘Storm the Gates’ HERE

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