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The Black Community Radio Entertainment awards are back this 2020

Vote for your favourites now!

Black Community radio are back with a BANG starting out the year with much to be grateful for and so much achieved in a short time. Station Manager, Eshdey Diphae is also super excited to announce the Black Community awards 2020. Voting lines are open NOW!

Here’s the scoop:

“It has been almost 2 years of hard work and excellence in every way we touch things. We have grown from the moment we launched the station on the 7th of September 2018 and have reached 10k listenership around Mzantsi , Lesotho, Nigeria, UK and US.

Now that’s how we kick off 2020. We have always tried to maintain balance between the known and the unknown” says Eshdey Diphae, founder of Black entertainment awards.

Black Community Radio launched their new studios in Toekoemsrus phase 2 on the 1st of february 2020 and celebrations were hosted at Chief Mogale hall.

Back with Vengeance in 2020 on the 1st of August, black entertainment awards BEA will be hosted this time at our new home Centenary hall in krugersdorp. We have chosen this venue because of the beautiful arena setup and parking as well as security for fans and nominees of #BEA.

The set up for voting is ready and casting votes began on Friday the 6th of March 2020 on television and radio stations around Mzantsi as part of #BEA tours.

To vote for your favourite Black Community Radio nominee sms the word BEA followed by the code of your favourite nominee to 45633 eg : BEA N001 SMS: 45633

SMS costs are R1,50 and no free SMS accepted. Standard rates apply. You can vote as many times as you want.

Below are the nominees for black entertainment awards BEA 2020

Best Entertainment show  2020

  1. KasiVibes (SowetoTv) Sms BEA C001 to 45633
  2. EwMag tv show (Kzn1) Sms BEA C002 to 45633

Best Radio stations nominees 2020

  1. Starfm Sms BEA A001 to 45633
  2. Ukhahlamba fm Sms BEA A002 to 45633
  3. Mala fm Sms BEA A003 to 45633
  4. Westside fm Sms BEA A004 to 45633
  5. Azania Digital Radio Sms BEA A005 to 45633
  6. Mghana lonene fm Sms BEA A006 to 45633

Best Actress nominees 2020

  1. Tshepang Thebe Sms BEA J001 to 45633
  2. Nonhlanhla Ngwenya Sms BEA J002 to 45633
  3. Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo Sms BEA J003 to 45633
  4. Thobi Mkhwanazi Sms BEA J004 to 45633
  5. Moliehi Makobane Sms BEA J005 to 45633

Best Actor nominees 2020

  1. Bhekisizwe Mahlawe Sms BEA K001 to 45633
  2. Chrismas Mokone Sms BEA K002 to 45633
  3. Nhlanhla Ntshingila Sms BEA K003 to 45633
  4. Walter Qoqo Sms BEA K004 to 45633
  5. Themba Nkwanyana Sms BEA K005 to 45633
  6. Solly Makamu Sms BEA K006 to 45633
  7. Thabang P Madisha Sms BEA K007 to 45633
  8. Tshepo Maseko Sms BEA K008 to 45633

Best music video nominees 2020

  1. DJ Grizzly ( African queen) Sms BEA N0011 to 45633
  2. Cruz Afrika ft Zola BuyaSms BEA N0010 to 45633
  3. JargoKush  (Nolitha) Sms BEA N009 to 45633
  4. BlackStone  ( Umlilo ft Stunner) Sms BEA N008 to 45633
  5. WorldPeace (SaucerCup) Sms BEA N007 to 45633
  6. VusiNator (Gigaba ft Soso & Killa) Sms BEA N006 to 45633
  7. Young Newton ft Spenden  (They don’t know) Sms BEA N005 to 45633
  8. Absy (Say Something) Sms BEA N004 to 45633
  9. Rethabile khumalo  (Nomathemba) Sms BEA N003 to 45633
  10. Razzi Razz (Buli Sekele) Sms BEA N002 to 45633
  11. Eindo (Too fresh ft Lova) Sms BEA N001 to 45633

Best Artists nominees 2020

  1. Rethabile khumalo  Sms BEA F001 to 45633
  2. Snyden Sms BEA F002 to 45633
  3. Cruz Afrika Sms BEA F003 to 45633
  4. Young Newtown Sms BEA F004 to 45633
  5. JargoKush Sms BEA F005 to 45633
  6. Eindo Sms BEA F006 to 45633

Best News Presenter nominees 2020

  1. Rhandzu Chauke Sms BEA G001 to 45633
  2. Amanda Matshaka Sms BEA G002 to 45633
  3. Kholosa Lubisi Sms BEA G003 to 45633
  4. Anne Moosa Sms BEA G004 to 45633
  5. Minyuku Vinolia Sms BEA G005 to 45633
  6. Thabile Phambuka Sms BEA G006 to 45633
  7. Thabang Sola Sms BEA G007 to 45633
  8. Rhulani Mzamani Sms BEA G007 to 45633
  9. Kubu Mmino Montshiwagae Sms BEA G008 to 45633

Best most promising artist nominees 2020

  1. AlloyWorld Sms BEA H001 to 45633
  2. DJ Grizzly Sms BEA H002 to 45633
  3. Slax Sms BEA H003 to 45633
  4. J-Killer Sms BEA H004 to 45633
  5. J- Six Sms BEA H005 to 45633
  6. Chepi Sms BEA H006 to 45633
  7. Letsopa Sms BEA H007 to 45633
  8. BlackStone Sms BEA H008 to 45633
  9. Simphy Sms BEA H009 to 45633

Best Fresher nominees 2020

  1. Tso Smith Sms BEA M001 to 45633
  2. Gnash Sms BEA M002 to 45633
  3. Thamza Sms BEA M003 to 45633
  4. Absy Sms BEA M004 to 45633
  5. Razzi Razz Sms BEA M005 to 45633
  6. Bianca Logan  Sms BEA M006 to 45633
  7. WorldPeace Sms BEA M007 to 45633
  8. Big Shelton Sms BEA M008 to 45633
  9. Xondi Sms BEA M009 to 45633
  10. King Bizzar Sms BEA M0010 to 45633

Best Radio Presenter nominees 2020

  1. Donny K Sms BEA M001 to 45633
  2. Chantelle Mavimbela Sms BEA M002 to 45633
  3. Dj PhathaPhatha Sms BEA M003 to 45633
  4. Ipeleng Malebo Sms BEA P004 to 45633
  5. Mava Sibulawa Sms BEA P005 to 45633
  6. Ranaka Ranaka Sms BEA P006 to 45633
  7. Monde Mo Sms BEA G007 to 45633
  8. Thabang P Madisha  Sms BEA P008 to 45633
  9. Nthabiseng Mkwanazi Sms P009 to 45633
  10. Ms Kay Sms BEA P011 to 45633
  11. Nosi Marumo Sms P012 to 45633

Best Influencer category 2020

  1. Cruz Afrika Sms BEA Q001 to 45633
  2. Lady T Sms BEA Q002 to 45633
  3. Busisiwe Nkoyana Sms BEA Q003 to 45633
  4. Eindo Sms BEA Q004 to 45633
  5. Bella Sms BEA Q005 to 45633
  6. Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo Sms BEA Q006 to 45633
  7. Moliehi Makobane Sms BEA Q007 to 45633
  8. King B Sms BEA Q007 to 45633

Best Brand/Designer nominees 2020

  1. Fashion Predictor Sms BEA W001 to 45633
  2. Mopani Brewstars Sms BEA W002 to 45633
  3. Rata Vaslapa Sms BEA E003 to 45633
  4. Zero One Media Sms BEA W004 to 45633
  5. R&M electronics Sms BEA W005 to 45633
  6. VTK VODKA Sms BEA W006 to 45633
  7. Versatile Domestic Placements Sms BEA E007 to 45633
  8. SowetoTv Sms BEA W008 to 45633

Best Digital/Print Media 

  1. Malgas Entertainment Sms BEA B001 to 45633
  2. The Podium Zone Sms BEA B002 to 45633
  3. SA Music News Magazine Sms BEA B003 to 45633
  4. Azania digital media Sms BEA B004 to 45633
  5. M-Connect Management Booking agency Sms BEA B005 to 45633
  6. Kapitol Media Sms BEA B006 to 45633
  7. SA positive news Sms BEA B007 to 45633
  8. Nightingale Experience Sms BEA B008 to 45633
  9. MBM productions Sms BEA B009 to 45633
  10. Soweto Urban orlando Sms BEA B0010 to 45633
  11. Vantage Vu Magazine Sms BEA B0011 to 45633

Best face of #BEA category 

  1. Apple Green Sms BEA R001 to 45633
  2. Karima Hamoudi Sms BEA R002 to 45633
  3. Lebogang Mokganya Sms BEA R003 to 45633
  4. Simphiwe Mosa Papa Sms BEA R004 to 45633
  5. Thabang Madisha Sms BEA R005 to 45633
  6. Charmaine Chingono Sms BEA R006 to 45633

Best Journalist nominees 2020

  1. Robert Tlaphu Sms BEA E001 to 45633
  2. Yami Nhleyama Sms BEA E002 to 45633
  3. SummerRaine Sms BEA E003 to 45633
  4. Rhulani Mzamani Sms BEA E004 to 45633
  5. Andile Taylor Sms BEA E005 to 45633
  6. Lungi Ndimande Sms BEA E006 to 45633
  7. Ntsikelelo Miya Sms BEA E007 to 45633

Best Tv Presenter Nominees

  1. Bheki Mlambo Sms BEA L001 to 45633
  2. Ntemi Vukeya Sms BEA L002 to 45633
  3. Nthabiseng Mkwanazi Sms BEA L003 to 45633
  4. Phil Mphela Sms BEA L004 to 45633
  5. Tshepo Maseko Sms BEA L005 to 45633

Best gospel artist category 

  1. Nonhlanhla Shongwe Sms BEA D001 to 45633
  2. Khathu Khedzi Sms BEA D002 to 45633
  3. Puleng March Sms BEA D003 to 45633
  4. Darrien Luke Sms BEA D004 to 45633
  5. Senzo Khumalo Sms BEA D005 to 45633
  6. Thandi Nkosi Sms BEA D006 to 45633
  7. Vincent Diphotho Sms BEA D007 to 45633

Win tickets to #BEA2020 awards evening : FACEBOOK COMPETITION LINK

The theme this year will be black with a touch of red & gold.

Black Entertainment Awards evening : 1st August 2020

Venue : Centenary Hall – Krugersdorp

Tickets for the award evening will be for sale at www.ticketpro.co.za end of March.

For more details contact 062 404 6503

Another BCR initiative that urgently needs your support!

🎧 Listen Live – Download the user friendly Black Community Radio App HERE






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