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SA Music News Magazine Exclusive with Blues Extraordinaire Kenny Hughes

By : Devographic Music Media, PR, Events & Artist Management Agency (South Africa)

Kenny Hughes is a touring South African Blues Rock Artist with an original, unique touch and approach to the genre.

He is a Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist busy leaving his mark on the global music scene! Kenny is about to rock the first ever Christmas Park Acoustics that will be held on 27 December.

Listen to Kenny Hughes – Overcome below

More about Kenny 

Age: 25

Height: 191cm

Favourite Album: I’d have to say Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers, at least for the moment. It’s one of those albums that I never skip a song.

Favourite Genre: Blues, as Blues is where it all started. Blues is what sold me on music in the first place. Completely stole my heart.

Favourite Book: let’s go with fiction, “The Bone Collector” by Jeffrey Deaver. Just read it, if you haven’t, and you’ll understand why.

Favourite Instrument: Aside from guitar, probably saxophone. Why? Well, because, why not? Have you heard a saxophone before? Haha

Favourite live show you played: It’d be tough to beat STRAB 2019. Wow. What a vibe!

Your Hobbies: My job really sort of is my hobby. When I’m not performing, I’m most likely jamming at home or thinking about a song’s structure or lyrics, always something man. When I’m really winding down though, series. Series are amazing, haha.

Favourite Movie: That’s a really difficult one to answer, as there truly are so many stand out movies that I really loved The Dark Knight is the first to come to mind. Heath Ledger as the joker was a cinematic masterpiece.

Favourite Quote: Dave Grohl, “You can sing a song to 86 000 people and they’ll sing it back to you for 86 000 reasons.”

Favourite Place: So far, probably Ponta do ouro. Mozambique just has a certain magic to it.

Most Admired Musician: it’s pretty even split for me between Dan Patlansky and Albert Frost. Both local guys, both climbed to the top of their genre. Both “blues” but still so different from each other and I find their music inspiring to say the very least.

Who would you put in your ultimate all-star band: Steve Jordan on drums – loved his work with the John Mayer trio. Victor Wooten on bass, although he’ll probably steal the show. Ben “smiley” Silverstein on keys. I don’t have anyone specific in mind for sax, so sax as an optional extra.

Favourite Kenny Hughes Song: Probably 1920. I haven’t recorded it yet and it’s far from complete, but there’s potential and that’s all I need.

Summary of your 2020: Tough! For everyone! in some way, I’m sure. But also had its positives. Met very cool people, played amazing shows and got fantastic opportunities. So I’m excited.

Your plans for 2021: Tour baby, tour. And hopefully a few festivals along the way!

Listen to ‘Wicked ways’ by Kenny Hughes below

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