Pierre Greeff of Die Heuwels Fantasties chats to SA Music News Magazine about thinking on their feet in 2020 and the new album ‘Herverbeel’

Tell us about the process of the making of the album HERVERBEEL. Where did the idea originate from and how did you put it all together?

This is something we have always wanted to do but never had the time to do it.  This year without a rigorous touring schedule allowed us to make time.  In fact this is our third album release for the year!

How did you  the Covid Limitations affect you personally and the plans of the band in 2020?

We were grounded and had to think on our feet with livestreams and crowd sourced music videos etc.  It worked out cool having released so much content in one calendar year lets see what 2021 holds!

What was the biggest loss in the year for you?

Income touch wood.

What was the biggest gain in the year for you?


It is expected that Covid and the restrictions might last up to 3 years or longer, what advice do you have for the music industry to adapt?

Try and pivot and give your fans what they ultimately want from you…quality music and visual content are two of those I believe.

We loved your lockdown album launch in May this year. How to you manage to pull together such a next level show during that heavy lockdown time?

We partnered with the amazing people in production at MGG and Antics and they helped us realize the vision of being together apart, it really felt as if the audience was there with us. Jeez someone even got engaged by pastor Parow aka Jack Parow.

Now that the social narrative is one of limited social contact, do you pay more attention to where your songs can be heard?

We have always believed that our music should be able to be listened to on any and all platforms.

Which tracks off HERVERBEEL are going to be radio singles?

Hardloop Weg is already a radio single, then next up is Shangri-la ft. Tresor after that or inbetween ‘Ek is aan jou kant’ – it feels quite christmassy!

Die Heuwels Fantasties has been one of SA`s top bands and  music brands for many years now, what is your secret to this continued success?

We do what we love and I think you can hear that in our music. Being authentic means being honest and I think thus far we have been able to do that in our art.

Is daar borrels vir Kersfees?

Daar is 2 kissies oor in my garage wie wil dit hê?

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