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Devographic chats with Mark Pyjama the main creative driving force behind Pyjama Planet Studios

Mark Pyjama Interview by David Devo Oosthuizen

David Devo Oosthuizen from Devographic had an in-depth chat with Mark Pyjama, a man with music in his DNA and rhythm pulsing through his veins. He is the main creative driving force behind the Pyjama Empire

When Mark is not writing, recording and performing music as an accomplished Solo Artist (available on all Streaming Platforms), he is mixing, mastering and producing music for other brands and bands as Pyjama Planet Studios.

If that is not talent enough, he is also an astute developer of Audio Plugins with several on offer from Pyjama Planet Samples HERE

So, take a listen and get to know the enigma that is Mark Pyjama and do not hesitate to engage with him on any of his offerings HERE


Pyjama Planet (Mark Pyjama The Solo Artist)
Pyjama Planet Studios (Music Production Services)
Pyjama Planet Samples (Audio Plugins & Instruments)

Contact Mark Pyjama:


Pyjama Planet Facebook
Mark Facebook
Pyjama Planet Instagram
Mark Instagram
Pyjama Planet Website
Pyjama Planet YouTube
Mark YouTube


Pyjama Planet BandCamp
Pyjama Planet Soundcloud
Pyjama Planet Spotify
Pyjama Planet Apple
Pyjama Planet Google Play
Pyjama Planet Deezer

If you want to support Mark Pyjama via a donation, simply scan his QR Code on the video or visit his BUSQR profile HERE . It’s fast and easy and every cent is much appreciated!

Mark Pyjama Represented By Devographic Music Media, PR, Events & Artist Management Agency – South Africa

Contact Email:

Devographic Website

Devographic Facebook

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