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Alanna Joy pays homage to SA rock venues and fans in new music video for live track ‘Too Late’

As the live music scene takes a hit, Alanna Joy releases an ode to the good old times with their music video for recently released single, ‘Too Late’.

The song, which now proudly features on Spotify’s SA Rock Essentials playlist, was recorded a little more than a year ago and might not have seen the light of day if their upcoming EP wasn’t put on hold due the pandemic.

The raw, emotive track was recorded less than a week after Alanna first brought the song to the band and just over a month into the band’s existence. The electric energy of the unknown can be felt as the band finds their way through the song, concreting their parts in the moment.

The music video, directed by the band’s videographer, Seth Ryan, is a collection of footage from live shows at venues such as Mercury Live, Aces ‘n Spades and the band’s second home (and beloved location of their weekly jam session), Rust Cafe.

It hopes to pay homage to the music venues that have kept Rock alive in South Africa and the fans that supported the band thus far.

Watch the video for ‘Too Late’ below

Alanna says of the track; “Too Late is about not letting a toxic relationship back into your life. I wrote it for a friend of mine who had this on and off again relationship with a guy that would break her heart.

Then whenever she showed signs of getting over it, he would come back and beg for a second chance.

It’s about breaking that cycle and telling the person that they broke your heart one too many times. That they don’t get another chance….”

‘Too Late’ is now available to stream on all platforms HERE

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