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“All we have worked for and achieved, has got us crashing to our knees”- ‘Talk about it’ from Rubber Duc


One week into the national lockdown, SMME’s under immense pressure, artists performing online fighting social media algorithms that strangles their organic reach and Rubber Duc attempts this: A song produced in isolation, a music video filmed from within the four walls of their homes and the launch of their brand new single “Talk About It”.

From the day our beloved President announced the dagger sentence to the entertainment industry, “No gatherings of more than 100 people”, many lives changed, well at least for the immediate future for some.

A week went by and our economy was put on standby with COVID-19 fingering the solo for Bon Jovi’s, “Living On A Prayer” and many more lives changed.

The band has taken on a rather unique outlook with regards to the pandemic, producing content and music in aid of fighting the Novel Corona Virus. “From the day social distancing was introduced, we were very aware of the impact it would have on our industry as well as our pockets.

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COVID-19 was here, we could complain, or we could do something good about it, use our voice and be a positive impact within our community. We decided that it was time to talk about it.” says Nick Jordaan, lead singer of Rubber Duc. With that, Rubber Duc’s latest single came to life.

The songs nostalgic verses take you on a journey into the lives of artists currently going through what will probably become known as “The mass entertainment depression”. The message in the song is to fight against this way of thinking, making use of the time you have to find support, talk and encourage others in the same situation.

“When the lockdown was approaching, we knew we had three weeks in which we could leave a mark and do something good.” explains Amiel Gopal, bassist for Rubber Duc. “We had never attempted anything like this before, but I’m very sure not many people have.

COVID-19 has put us all out of our comfort zones and this could be a good thing. Nick edited his very first music video, Brendan produced and mixed the track on his headphones with no monitors, it was absolute madness! But hey! We have a new single for you.”

Did you know:  Rubber Duc produced & filmed “Talk about it” in isolation.

“Talk About It” is available for streaming on all digital platforms.

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