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ØCEANS & Emma van Heyn forge an edgy EDM collaboration on the brand new single & music video for ‘Parallel Babe’

ØCEANS and Emma van Heyn collaborate to create an edgy summer anthem for ‘Parallel Babe’ which is out across all digital platforms!

ØCEANS has been cementing himself as a top EDM producer and DJ in Cape Town and teams up with Emma van Heyn, one of SA’s most talented up-and-coming singer-songwriters. A partnership forged online, ØCEANS discovered Emma’s music on Instagram in 2020.

I thought she had an amazing voice which would suit an instrumental track I was working on at the time. We connected and started working on the track with her vocal hook as the base,” recalls ØCEANS.

Working together for the first time, Emma was taken immediately by ØCEANS’ approach to production.

ØCEANS is very hands on and open to suggestions. He is also extremely organised. Working as a music producer myself, it makes it very easy to communicate with similar jargon. It also makes it an eye-opening experience to learn from one another and see how these genres are able to complement each other.”

Bringing the sound of ØCEANS to the writing of Emma, ‘Parallel Babe’ was originally written by Emma while living in a hotel in Shanghai.

Spending a year there, it was prevalent how patrons were prone to enter a ‘fantasy realm’ in this wonderful city. I wanted to explore the psyche and narrative of playing the role of the ‘untouchable’ or the ‘product of desire’ – that being the Parallel Babe. 

Even if it is against her own will,” explains Emma. Adding to the track from what Emma had composed, ØCEANS developed the sound for the production, saying “I really felt a dark jealous feel in Emma’s vocal, and wanted the bassline and overall musical aesthetic to represent that internal turmoil and broodiness.”

With the release of the single comes a brilliant music video – produced, directed and edited by Allister Christie; a renowned SA photographer and videographer.

Filmed in Cape Town, ØCEANS delves into the concept and making of the video saying “The video shows Emma killing and then disposing of a significant other, both literally and figuratively.  Allister came up with the concept based on the dark feel of the track and his own aesthetic.”

Watch ‘Parallel Babe’ below

I always wanted something more to be made of this song and concept. I’m very happy ØCEANS took it to another realm!exclaims Emma, who has been incredibly excited about the release.

‘ØCEANS & Emma van Heyn – Parallel Babe’ is out now across all digital platforms.

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