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Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s mother, Princess Magogo to be Honoured: Amahubo Musical Tribute with Mbuso Khoza

The versatile songbird and heritage enthusiast, Mbuso Khoza, in partnership with the National Arts Council and ConcertsSA will be honouring Princess Magogo on 27 and 28 November 2020 at Bat Centre in Ethekwini when he presents an album recorded at the AMPD studios boasting Princess Magogo’s reproduced musical works.

The Amahubo musical tribute is aimed at imparting knowledge about heritage, while promoting adoption of music from the olden days and consuming it in a repackaged format that suits the modern day, without losing its essence. The performance will also be extended to a live-streaming show which will take place on 6 December 2020 as supported by ConcertsSA.

Mbuso Khoza had this to say about the project, “I am grateful to the National Arts Council and ConcertsSA for taking interest in this programme that will add to our endeavours to preserve our heritage, particularly among the youth of this country.

Reproducing Princess Magogo’s work has always been on my radar, and it is now the right time! This stalwart deserves to be commemorated, and not only be in archives. Born in 1900, Princess Magogo departed in 1984 on 23rd November, and we have found this an appropriate time to commemorate her as we bring her story to life through performances and narration as well as a full album of her music.”

Khoza further enthused that as a male music artist, he felt that it was incumbent on him to ascribe value to this matriarch who broke barriers and tapped into territories no woman dared to enter in those days. “Princess Magogo was a self-taught pianist, she could also play an auto-hub, and she also made various musical instruments that includes UGHUBU which she predominantly played.

She was a music teacher and a praise singer. During those times, it was unheard of to have a woman addressing regiments through praise singing, but she stood firm and did it, and did it well. It would be an injustice to the world to keep this woman and her formidable work in safeguarding our heritage, in archives. People need to know that we had S-heroes like Princess Magogo,” says Khoza.

The reproduction of Princess Magogo’s work to be recorded by Mbuso Khoza and will feature Bongani Masina on bass,  Thokozani Sibanda on percussions, Gabriel Stuurman on keys, Musa Mhlongo on keys and Hlengiwe Mbatha – a poet.

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