DJ Tomby pays homage to SA with his anticipated release ‘Ubizo Lwami’ ft. Ayanda Nhlangothi

Official released date: 27th November 2020

Thomas Baier better known as Tomby is a German DJ , producer and promoter, who has been in the House and Electro scene since 1996. Thomas is no stranger to the party island of Ibiza, he has been frequently visiting and playing in Ibiza for over 19 years.

In 2017, Tomby took a leap of faith and left his life in Germany behind to find himself. Tomby went off to the ever beautiful Ibiza to refuel his spiritual and creative energy.

In the beginning of 2019 he made his way to South Africa, this had been a lifelong dream of Tomby’s and his friend Ralf Gum encouraged him to visit.

Come To South Africa, you will love it here, the people are nice and the music scene is amazing”- Ralf Gum

Filled with excitement Tomby arrived in Sunny South Africa in Early  2019, where he did a round trip visiting different provinces and significant and historic sites. Whilst on his backpacking trip Tomby met the love of his life,”My African QueenNaledi KIng – Thomas describes.

Tomby returned to Ibiza but did not stay long as he made a voyage back to South Africa in December of 2019. “I couldn’t stay away”….

Since Tomby travelled to do introspection and spiritual healing, his journey in South Africa  took him on a creative path and so Ubizo Lwami was born.

When I think about my journey, I feel like dancing, I feel like shouting….My heart was open, I felt free as never before, grateful whenever I met someone! I learned to worry less and to let things happen. I trusted the universe and my dreams came true. Keep on walking, never stop dreaming your dreams, believe in yourself, open your ears and eyes, be thankful and be grateful. Light the way and accept the calling for the journey is long. Hamba nami Baba Wam – Hlala nami Menzi Wam ” 

Ubizo Lwami, is a truly amazing blend of sounds, a dance track with amazing Zulu spoken word and vocals by Ayanda Nhlangothi. Afro House will never be the same again. The bar has been set.

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