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Sizzling Jack Parow & Loki Rothman theme song for the romantic comedy ‘Kaalgat Karel’ set to be a summer hit!

If you, like the rest of the world, have had enough of 2020, then Jack Parow and Loki Rothman’s latest song – a fun and feelgood summer anthem – is sure to cheer you up and get you in the holiday mood!  The single and music video was released on Friday, 13 November and the music video already got close to 20 000 views on YouTube since the release.

Altyd Op Vakansie is the theme song for the upcoming hilarious new Afrikaans romantic comedy Kaalgat Karel, produced by Boondogle Film’s Paul Egan and Meg Rickards and tells the story of Karel Venter (Francois Jacobs), a guy who loves the thrill of streaking during sports matches – and the accompanying social media stardom!

He falls head-over-heels for the paramedic (Christia Visser) who saves him after a streak gone wrong. However, there’s a problem: she’s a strait-laced single mom who has no interest in his streaking shenanigans. The official trailer for the film was released on Thursday, 12 November and provides a first glimpse into what can be expected from this tummy-tickling tale.

Watch the trailer below

According to Jack and Loki, Altyd Op Vakansie ties in perfectly with the film. Written with the main character in mind, it is upbeat and energetic. “The song is about Karel, who refuses to grow up. He just wants to have fun and live a carefree life without responsibilities. He doesn’t take life too seriously,” shares Rothman.

Loki composed the soundtrack for the film and suggested they get Jack involved in writing the theme song. “We decided that instead of licensing something, we would like to create a theme song for the movie that really captured the spirit of the movie,” explains director Meg Rickards.

Loki and Jack already had a great collaborative working relationship, and we had always admired Jack’s cutting-edge work and thought he could hit the right kind of stoutgat tone in the lyrics – irreverent but still heartfelt.

Loki is brilliant at creating catchy, vibey and layered melodies. The collaboration worked fantastically well and, while the song was specially written for the movie, we believe it will also have a life of its own,” says Meg.

Watch ‘Altyd op Vakansie’ below

The music video for Altyd Op Vakansie was produced by Meg Rickards and Paul Egan and the directing, editing and cinematography was handled by Michael Carter with support from camera assistant, Abigael Thompson and features scenes from the film, as well as Jack and Loki having a good time.

“In the video we are at home, playing games, drinking beer and having a great time. We are really just living our best life,” says Jack. Loki adds: “The video is meant to encourage people to stop worrying and have a good time.”

A special thanks also goes out to Theunis Uys for providing Music Production Services both for the film and the music video.

Both artists believe that the song will have wide appeal. “I think it’s a great party song,” says Loki. “It gives you that holiday vibe and for people with no worries, it is a great soundtrack for life.” Jack agrees: “After a rough year we could all use some good vibes and a holiday. Altyd Op Vakansieis light-hearted and fun, and isn’t that what going on vacation is all about? Life is good and we must enjoy it.”

“I always enjoy working with Loki,” says Jack. “We have known each other for a long time, and we understand each other’s style and vibe which makes working together quick and easy. The Kaalgat Karel team was great and it was a privilege to work on the theme song for the film.”

The film – which promises lots of humour, sport, and high-adrenalin fun – is an endearing love story that will appeal to audiences across gender, age and class. So too will Altyd Op Vakansie.

It’s been such a cosmic snotklap of a year. We want to laugh and be on vacation and dance and braai and feel alive. We are thrilled with the song that Loki and Jack have created together and we believe it will be the hit of the summer,” concludes Meg.

Kaalgat Karel will make its on-screen debut on 12 February 2021. It is distributed locally by Filmfinity (Pty) Ltd. and was produced in cooperation with kykNET, the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC), the Eastern Cape Provincial Arts and Culture Council (ECPACC), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and its brand integration partners, Galito’s, Red Alert and the Hathaway Group of Guesthouses.

Altyd Op Vakansie is available on all digital platforms. Download it HERE

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