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SA Singer Mark Wayne hits Home run with the release of official music video for his catchy new single titled ‘Unforgettable’

Experienced performer Mark Wayne has released the official music video for his catchy new single titled ‘Unforgettable’ as he builds on his evolution from stage artist to recording artist. ‘Unforgettable’ shows off Mark’s singing prowess in these genres while also giving it a groovy twist that makes it his own.

The new music video was shot in Tarragona, Spain, and shows that Mark not only has the voice but the dance moves too.

Mark has recently taken part in The Voice Spain – one of his most ‘unforgettable’ experiences – and performs tributes and solo shows in Spain, Spanish territories and other European countries.

His live performances are a mix of swing, soul and pop with music influences of greats like Michael Jackson, Micheal Bublé, Michael Franks, Luther van Ross, Eric Benét, and other popular 90s stars and boy bands.

Watch ‘ Unforgettable’ below

When asked about his music now being on the South African circuit after having air time on local radio stations in Spain and England, Mark says, “South Africa will always be in my heart and will never leave the way I feel and think about music! It warms my soul thinking how my family and friends and the people back home will react every time they hear my music. I mean, who does not want their own country to be proud of them?”

His latest track comes in on the back of his successful debut single ‘No Broken Hearts’, for which he collaborated with two Cape Town music industry veterans Ebrahim Mallum and Jarrad Ricketts.

As an established music professional who has been performing overseas for over 17 years, his foray into original music to be shared with South Africa and the world is off to a stellar start.

‘Unforgettable’ is available on all major digital music platforms.

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