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Singer / Pianist Soki Saka releases her first single titled ’Wena’

There is fresh new talent in the capital, Soki Saka, a singer and pianist who is taking the music scene by storm.

Born Soki Adelaide Modise, the Afro soul queen with a sweet and mesmerising voice rose to prominence through collaborations with numerous DJs and most notably on Kiss the Rain with acclaimed Youtuber and DJ, Romeo Makota, in 2019.

Her debut single titled ‘Wena has been well received by the market and is set to rock the nation during the festive season as Soki delivers seamless soul sounds and innuendos of love, hurt and happiness.

It is a unique ballad with progressions of gospel sounds, love themes and distinctive jazz elements through alluring bass bars.

The track is nothing short of amazing, according to her handlers at Rashiky Media.

Watch the video for ‘Wena’ (acoustic) below

A wonderful blend of quality vocals and production matched with centric progressions is the best way to describe Wena, which has also been featured on the popular soapie Rhythm City.

Born and raised in Pretoria, Soki attended school in the city until the age of 15 when she moved to a boarding school in Bloemfontein. She comes from a big family with two older brothers and one sister.

Soki described boarding school as “super fun and nothing like we see in the movies and more like one big sleep-over with all of your best friends”.

Regarding music, she said: “Well, honestly it was the only thing I was always good at and loved doing. And you should always do the things that you love.”

Her official music video is debuting on TV screens in the month of January 2021.

Wena is a love song that is sung in three languages – English, Setswana and IsiZulu. It’s a mix of Afro pop and with a touch of soul.”

Soki Saka is definitely rising to stardom as she encapsulates her own definition of what being true to your craft really means.

Available on streaming Services Wordwide

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