Kent Pop Rockers The Petal Falls have been “Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day” and it shows!

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UK Melodic, Pop Rock band The Petal Falls based in the southeastern part of England – Kent, released their debut album “Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day” through Rock Avenue Records on the 1st August 2020. The album was distributed by Sony‘s The Orchard Network and is available to Buy on all digital platforms. To get yours visit – The Petal Falls Website and Rock Avenue Records

Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day” along with other anticipated albums are the culmination of two hard years of work in post-production that will be released over the next few years.

Album Credits:
Keith Leahy – Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards Robert Harpum – Guitar Dave Richards – Guitar Barry Kitchin – Guitar Marius Ryndziewicz – Bass Martin Corder – Bass Robin Tucker – Drums
Backing Vocals – Avril Davis, Tracey Tucker, Sharon Wallace
Watch the title track video below

The unique music style of The Petal Falls is the result of a lifetime of musical influences that have grown into a sound that is hard to pigeon hole but always vibrant, interesting, powerful and surprising in both its scope and execution and only recently been made available for commercial release.

Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day” displays all the typical characteristics of The Petal Falls with powerful lyrics merged with huge catchy choruses and lush full on production. By Mid December 2020 the album had already achieved 6 Million Streams worldwide.

Track Listing 

1. A Man In Chains

2. Love In Motion

3. I Was Amazed

4. All Across The World

5. Rain

6. Have a Little Faith

7. Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day

8. Mariah

9. Givin’ It Up

10. Colours

The cover art : “Painted by Michelangelo onto the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican between the years 1508 to 1512. The hand of God reaching out to Adam to instill the spark of life into man. Earth took 6 days and nights with God resting on the 7th day – Workin All Night Workin All Day” – The Petal Falls

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“Let The Music Do The Talking” -TPF

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