New Jersey teen pop singer, Kelsey Coleman, has released the official music video for her debut single ‘Nobody’.

19-year-old singer, songwriter, and pianist, Kelsey Coleman has just released her official music worldwide for her debut single, “Nobody”.

Nobody is about the heartbreak of how somebody who used to be so close to you can move on and leave you behind.

Through the song, she asks the questions that remain hauntingly unanswered, using a dynamic melody that begs for the catharsis of acceptance. The official music video for “Nobody” was released last week.

After spending the last year enriching her skillset and writing original music, this New Jersey-born artist is premiering the fruits of her labour, and South Africa is one of only three regions outside of the USA that she has chosen to share it with.

Watch the music video below for ‘Nobody’

“I am so excited to share my music and my message with all of my South African fans!” says Kelsey. “I hope they love my music and find comfort in the lyrics. I poured my heart into every song and it is amazing to think that my music has made it across the world! I am so incredibly grateful.”

Currently, in her first year of studying Music at NYU Steinhardt, Kelsey is also in the process of completing her debut album, a deeply personal memoir covering topics that are both universally relatable and hard-hitting.

Kelsey navigates this space with the maturity to recognize real issues and she is confident that whoever listens to her music will be able to relate to her lyrics.

She explains, “I want people to know that they aren’t alone and we all go through similar struggles.”

Kelsey’s songs also aim to confront anxiety, depression, fear, mistakes, and the quest for inner strength. The emerging, young singer has her starry eyes set on breaking barriers like these with her raw honesty and authenticity.

Categorizing her music as ‘pop-oriented with an edge’, Kelsey plans to delve into the realm of rock-inspired music in the future, too.

Her love for these two genres is illustrated in the names on her current playlist, as she lists Post Malone, EDEN, Sasha Sloan, Jon Bellion, Khalid, Kanye West, Kings of Leon and Blackbear.

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