‘When we become AWAKE, Then we become ALIVE’- Divide the Empire’s new single, ‘Aware’ is out now!

Real world lyrics that make you feel SOMETHING are always a 100% given when checking out music from the band Divide the Empire.

With driving force guitar riffs, soulful, powerhouse vocals their songs are guaranteed to do what they were intended, elicit emotions. Like a beautiful painting, left to interpret differently by each, individual soul, Divide the Empire will engage all who encompass their sound.

The band’s newest release “Aware” is a song that will provoke your heart and your mind with the purpose of finding the answers within yourself.

Listen to ‘Aware’ below

Download / Stream ‘ Aware’ HERE

About Divide The Empire

From the propulsive, driving force guitars to the first vocal note heard, Divide the Empire is a massive epiphany of sound, start to finish.

With vocals intensely delivered through by their lyrics, listeners are left with nothing, but the feels. It should come as no surprise that the band’s passion and desire shine through in their music.

A five-piece band, where each band member infuses a portion of their own musical backgrounds and influences to create a unique, dynamic hard rock sound.

Their influences can be heard their music and include bands such as, Bad Company, Soundgarden, SRV, Black Flag, Faith No More, Iggy and the Stooges, Porcupine Tree, Thrice, AC/DC, D.R.I., Alice In Chains, The Black Crowes, and Tool.

This veteran St. Louis rock band was recently voted 2019 Best Rock Band by Rock University Festival and has collectively shared the stage with such national acts as Black Stone Cherry, Cracker, Gene Simmons, Aaron Lewis, Jack Russell’s Great White, and stand poised to explode onto the national stage, themselves.

From releasing their music video for their heavy hitting, hauntingly addictive song “Carnival Ride” in 2017, to working with famed producer Beau Hill (best known for his work with Alice Cooper, Kix, Winger, Streets, Warrant, Fiona, Europe and Ratt) on their latest release “Aware” to having their music featured in the newly released movie, ‘Efflictum’. Divide the Empire has set the stage for success.

Divide the Empire are:

Randy Shanks – Vocals/Lead Guitar

Keith Thurnau – Percussion

John Crain – Bass

Stephen Armond Vogt – Keys/Backing Vocals

Joe Burrow – Guitar

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